How to treat dry chapped lips when sitting in an air-conditioned room

Using air conditioning a lot in hot weather can make the air in the room become dry, making the lips dehydrated and prone to dry lips. In the following article, we will suggest some effective and easy ways to treat dry lips.


1 Drink lots of water

This is the most frequently mentioned method. Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day will help your skin and lips be better moisturized, limiting dry lips that cause chapped lips. You can also indirectly hydrate your body by eating more fruits that are high in vitamin C such as oranges, tangerines, and other fruits.

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2 Supplement foods rich in Vitamin B2

A lack of vitamin B2 in the body is one of the reasons why lips are more prone to dryness and peeling. Therefore, you should fully supplement foods such as dark green vegetables, bananas, apples, pears, animal liver, salmon, mackerel, milk, and eggs … to provide vitamin B2 for the body, Preventing lips from peeling and chapping.

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3 Limit foods that cause dry lips

In addition to adding vitamin-rich foods to help lips stretch and soften, you should also limit foods that can cause dry, cracked lips such as pepper, chili, and hot spicy foods.

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4 Use lip balm or lip mask

You can use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, cucumber, aloe vera, honey, etc. to apply to your lips to moisturize your lips. In addition to moisturizing the lips, these fruits also help to make your lips more glossy and smooth. In addition, you can apply an exfoliating step to the skin of the lips before moisturizing. This helps the moisturizer to be absorbed more effectively into your lips.

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5 Do not touch or lick your lips

Our hands often have to come into contact with many items such as living utensils, so the possibility of containing many bacteria on our hands is easy happen. Therefore, touching your lips a lot will make your lips dry easily, and bacteria clinging to the lips directly affects health. In particular, the habit of licking lips when they feel dry is also a bad habit for many people, making lips drier and peeling skin cells.

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6 Limit breathing through your mouth

Breathing through your mouth will make your lips dry quickly because your breath takes away moisture from your lips. In addition, this also makes the mouth dry with saliva, unable to wash away bacteria in the mouth leading to bad breath and gingivitis. Therefore, to protect your health and support effective treatment of dry lips, you should limit breathing through your mouth

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7 Wear a mask when going out

When going out, you also need to remember to protect your lips from the impact of dust and sunlight by wearing a mask. If possible, use lip balm. That way, when entering the air-conditioned room, your lips will be less dry.

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With daily lip moisturizing habits, you will no longer feel uncomfortable sitting in a cold room. Please share more good tips that you know to treat dry lips when sitting in an air-conditioned room.