Hương Giang’s favorite travel essentials that guarantee stunning Instagram photos

Whenever we browse through the pictures that this Queen shares about her travels, we always manage to pick up quite a few stylish fashion tips from her.


Hương Giang is famous for her eye-catching fashion taste. Especially her travel style is also commendable, it looks stunning in photos. Previously, the queen had also shared many travel photos showing impressive fashion taste.


One of the items always accompanying Hương Giang on those trips is jeans. This fashion item has high practicality, so she combines it with various other tops and doesn’t forget to mix and match with some accessories to make the overall look more eye-catching. In particular, if you pay attention, you can see that the 9X beauty prefers straight jeans and skinny jeans.

Jeans will be significantly elevated if the wearer knows how to mix and match. And through the combination of 9X queen, you can be sure that you will “pocket” quite a lot of impressive style formulas.

Combining bodysuit with jeans, Hương Giang immediately has a dynamic, stylish and charming outfit.

Hương Giang never looks boring even though she wears jeans very often.

Even when wearing only this item regularly, the queen still looks charming.


Shorts are also an indispensable item of the 2018 International Transgender Queen in travel trips. She often pairs them with sweaters to lengthen her legs and create a fashionable, trendy look effectively. Not only that, Hương Giang also successfully “deceives” her age because shorts are representative items of dynamic and youthful appearance.

An all black outfit always has the power to enhance style.

Black shorts and over the knee boots are a “must try” combo that Hương Giang often applies.

Occasionally, to change the style, Hương Giang mixes shorts with t-shirts, crop tops… and wears sandals or sneakers. Just skillfully choose the color of the outfit and accentuate with delicate accessories, she will be incredibly outstanding.

Hương Giang scores with youthful and dynamic travel outfits.

Many women love Hương Giang’s fashion mix-match suggestions.

Maxi Dresses

Hương Giang can’t miss out elegant maxi dresses. Depending on each travel occasion, she chooses appropriate outfits. For example, on beach trips, the 9X Queen often wears maxi dresses to enhance femininity and elegance.

Hương Giang shows off her feminine and sweet beauty when wearing floral maxi dresses.

The queen quite likes halter dresses.

Hương Giang frequently travels and for each trip, she always shares impressive fashion photos.

After being crowned 2018 International Transgender Queen, Hương Giang has been increasingly remarkable in many aspects. From career, beauty to fashion style, everything revolving around this Queen becomes a focal point of attention.

Frequently asked questions

Hương Giang has a signature way of styling her jeans. She prefers straight-cut or skinny jeans and elevates her look by mixing and matching them with different tops and accessories. One of her go-to combinations is pairing jeans with a bodysuit, creating a dynamic and stylish outfit. Despite wearing jeans frequently, she always manages to keep her look interesting and fresh.

Hương Giang’s travel style is just as impressive as her everyday fashion. When she’s on the move, she often opts for shorts and sweaters, creating a trendy and leg-lengthening look. She also loves to wear maxi dresses, especially on beach vacations, as they enhance her femininity and elegance. Hương Giang knows how to adapt her style to different occasions while always looking fashionable and charming.

Since being crowned the 2018 International Transgender Queen, Hương Giang has become a fashion icon in her own right. Her style has evolved and become even more remarkable. From her career choices to her beauty and fashion sense, everything revolving around this Queen captures the attention of her fans and the public alike.

Hương Giang has a unique ability to make her outfits stand out, whether it’s through her eye for mixing and matching different pieces or her choice of dynamic and youthful styles. She pays attention to the smallest details, from the color combinations to the addition of delicate accessories, ensuring that she always looks incredible and never boring.
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