Instructions on how to care for the skin after using the epilator or epilator

Skin care after using an epilator or epilator is a very important process that any girl cares about. If you still do not know how to properly care for your skin after using an epilator or epilator, let's find out with Dien May XANH!


1 How to take care of your skin when shaving and waxing

Before shaving, waxing

You should shower or apply a towel (with warm water) before shaving, which softens the skin, removes oil and sweat, making shaving up to 60% easier. You do not need to take a long bath, just massage your body under warm water for about 2-3 minutes is enough!

 tắm hoặc chườm khăn

In addition, a big mistake that causes hair to grow harder and thicker after shaving is to shave while the skin is still dry . It damages the skin and pores, causing hair to tend to grow thicker .

Therefore, apply a layer of specialized shaving gel or light moisturizer in advance to help protect the skin, making you less painful when shaving.

bôi lớp gel chuyên dụng

After shaving, hair removal

After waxing, the first thing you should do is wash your feet with cool water or apply ice to close the pores.

rửa sạch chân với nước mát hoặc chườm đá

In addition, the skin after shaving is very vulnerable, so you should apply moisturizer to the skin to help smooth skin and limit burning pain. Before applying moisturizer, you should and pat dry with a soft cotton towel and then gently apply a thin layer of moisturizer to the skin.

thoa kem dưỡng ẩm

However, you should avoid olive oil and coconut oil because they stimulate hair growth faster.

2 Notes when shaving and waxing to keep the skin smooth and beautiful

Choose a good quality, reputable hair removal shaver

The quality of the shaver and the direction of the razor greatly determine whether the hair will grow back quickly or not.

So make sure your epilator is of good quality and reputable to avoid hurting your skin! Some reputable hair removal and shaving machine brands are now trusted by most women such as: Panasonic, Beurer, …

Chọn máy cạo tẩy lông chất lượng tốt, uy tín

Select skin area

You should start shaving from the "easy" areas of your skin , for example the surface of your hands and feet. Pull the knife slowly but firmly, in a certain direction.

Hard-to-shave areas such as behind the knees and thighs, ankles or areas near the last bone. With sensitive bikini area, waxing is still a better choice.

Lựa chọn vùng da

Do not use warm water

Many women make the mistake of taking care of their skin after waxing, bathing or using warm water to clean their skin. This is not good for the skin at all because when the skin comes into contact with warm water, it will expand and bacteria can more easily penetrate.

Không dùng nước ấm

Shave against the direction of hair growth

During the first shave, you should only shave in the direction of the leg hair growth. After your hair is as short as possible, the skin is also warm, soft and carefully lubricated, then you can shave another round in the opposite direction of hair growth to clean the hair root.

Cạo ngược chiều lông mọc

But if your skin is sensitive, you should not shave against the direction of hair growth, which can easily lead to ingrown hairs, irritation, and skin abrasions.

Above is information on how to take care of the skin after using the epilator or shaver that Dien May GREEN shares with you. If you have any questions, please leave information below the article.