Is washing your face with salt water good? How to wash your face with salt water effectively

Beauty with salt water is no longer strange to today's women. However, many people still wonder whether washing their face with salt water is good? How to wash your face with salt water is effective? Let's explore the use of salt water in beauty with Dien May Xanh!


Is washing your face with salt water good?

Washing your face with salt water is a simple and economical beauty method trusted by many people. In fact, sea salt contains 21 minerals such as zinc, calcium, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. to help nourish the skin . In particular, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Sodium have the ability to quickly restore and regenerate great skin.

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However, depending on different skin types, there is a suitable way to use it to bring the most practical effect, avoiding the case of frequent salt water abuse, which easily leads to skin irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin. thin and sensitive skin.

According to research, washing the face with diluted salt water / iodine or physiological saline has the same effect. However, doctors recommend using physiological saline (available at drugstores) for better results.

Physiological salt water ensures to provide a lot of beneficial minerals for the skin such as zinc, calcium and iodine in accordance with the allowed content standards and ensures hygiene , avoiding skin damage.

2 Effects of salt water when washing your face

The effect of washing your face with salt water is that it does not harm the skin, does not cause irritation and especially washes your face with salt water to treat acne, reduce oil, and fade dark spots gently and effectively.

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First, salt water has high antiseptic properties , so it can kill acne-causing bacteria located on the skin, while providing water to moisturize the skin and reduce irritation, blocking the activity of the oil glands that cause acne.

nước muối giúp trị mụn, mờ thâm In addition, salt water also works to gently remove darkened skin cells. From there, it helps to stimulate the production of new skin cells , strengthen the texture of the skin, helping the skin to be bright.

Salt water also helps balance moisture in the skin and prevents the skin from producing too much oil, which will also help you avoid acne.

Besides, salt water is also a natural product that helps to exfoliate dead cells, unclog pores, and keep skin clean and dry.

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3 Instructions on how to wash your face with salt water does not dry the skin

Follow the steps below to wash your face with salt water to take care of the health of your facial skin.

  • Step 1 : Wash your face with cool water.
  • Step 2 : Use a soft cotton towel to dry the water on your face.
  • Step 3 : Put physiological saline into a cotton ball or cotton ball, then rub gently and evenly on the face, paying attention to the areas of skin with many acne.
  • Step 4 : Repeat the above action one more time with another clean cotton pad.
  • Step 5 : Then rinse with cool water again.

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  • In essence, diluted salt water or physiological saline when washing your face will make your skin dry, so you should not use salt water to wash your face a lot, only twice a day .
  • If you use salt water to wash your face and feel that your skin is dry and flaky, you can use a moisturizer to keep the skin very good.
  • Before and after squeezing acne, you should wash it with dilute salt water, it will disinfect and not cause more acne.

Above is how to wash your face with salt water is effective that Dien May GREEN provides you. Any suggestions, please comment below the article!