Jisoo from BLACKPINK maintains 6 essential skincare habits for a beautiful complexion like a queen

In everyday life, the lady carries very few or even no cosmetics in her handbag.


Jisoo focuses more on skincare than makeup. In her daily life, the makeup bag she carries with her is very minimal or even without any makeup products. What are the small tricks that Jisoo has been maintaining every day to have a bright and radiant complexion?

Use toner

To have a polished image in front of the public, Jisoo has to constantly wear makeup. Therefore, using toner is one of her secrets. This simple beauty step helps remove leftover makeup in the pores that cannot be cleaned by makeup remover or face cleanser.


Jisoo has dry skin, so moisturizing is an important factor in her skincare routine. A layer of moisturizer not only helps prevent dryness but also slows down the aging process and soothes sensitive skin.

The singer usually moisturizes immediately after cleansing, both during the day and at night. In addition, applying the product right after showering also helps lock in moisture better.

Overnight mask

Jisoo has dry skin, so she often uses moisturizing masks, even revealing that there are times when she uses 2-3 masks every day.

Using masks too often can overload the skin, but Jisoo often advises girls to use moisturizing masks regularly to maintain the skin’s moisture.

Use 2 types of lotion

In addition to moisturizing, Jisoo also combines other lotion products that help brighten the skin and prevent aging. Lotion has a thicker texture, and when applied, the skin feels deeply moisturized. Belonging to the dry skin type, using lotion regularly helps Jisoo’s skin maintain a better moisture balance.


After a day of wearing heavy lipstick, she gently exfoliates and applies lip balm to moisturize her lips. Jisoo usually applies a lip scrub for about 10 minutes, then cleanses off the remaining dead skin with water, and applies lip balm continuously whenever it feels dry.

Anti-aging products

Anti-aging products help maintain the firmness of the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and enhance radiance. Some common ingredients in anti-aging creams are retinoids, vitamin C, hydroxy acids, peptides, and niacinamide.

Alongside skincare, the beauty also pays attention to collagen-rich foods to support her daily skincare routine.

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