Kim Tae Ri Gives Thick Hair a Fabulous Transformation

From voluminous long locks to a short, chic 'do, Kim Tae Ri has been wowing us with her various looks featuring her thick hair. Let's take a closer look at her stunning transformations!


Kim Tae Ri, a prominent young star in the Korean entertainment industry, is known for her talent in acting as well as her admired fashion sense and diverse hairstyles. She consistently appears with stylish and unconventional hairstyles, showcasing her confidence and unique personality.

Despite her gentle image on screen, Kim Tae Ri frequently changes her hairstyle, consistently surprising her fans. Let’s admire the notable transformations of her thick hair!

1Bob Hair

Previously, fans were already familiar with Kim Tae Ri’s slightly curly bob hair. With this hairstyle, the actress resembles an anime character. The bouncy curly strands falling on her shoulders create an elegant and classic charm.

This hairstyle truly highlights Kim Tae Ri’s unique beauty and leaves a lasting impression on her fans. It’s no wonder many fans eagerly await her return to this appearance. Whenever Kim Tae Ri appears with a slightly curly bob hairstyle, she always captures all the attention, exuding a glamorous and charming beauty.

Kim Tae Ri with a classic and charming bob hairstyle
Kim Tae Ri with a classic and charming bob hairstyle

2Long Hair

Lately, Kim Tae Ri has been frequently seen with long hair, creating a youthful and attractive look. She skillfully combines long hair with different styles to avoid any sense of boredom, such as layering, soft waves, or messy hippie hair.

Kim Tae Ri with youthful long hair
Kim Tae Ri with youthful long hair

3Hairstyles that Complement Kim Tae Ri

Bangs Hair

In the movie “25, 21 Years Old,” Kim Tae Ri played the role of high school student Na Hee-do. She skillfully portrayed this character with bangs hair, creating a dynamic and youthful look. This hairstyle helps her hide the flaws of a long face, bringing harmony and balance.

Kim Tae Ri with innocent and energetic bangs
Kim Tae Ri with innocent and energetic bangs

Thinned Hair

Thinned hair is a hairstyle loved by many Korean girls, bringing a pure and gentle beauty. Kim Tae Ri also cleverly combines thinned hair with long layered hair, creating a simplistic and graceful beauty. This combination not only highlights her natural beauty but also enhances her youthful and charming look.

Kim Tae Ri with thin and graceful bangs
Kim Tae Ri with thin and graceful bangs

Side-parted Hair

“The Muse” Kim Tae Ri used side-parted hair to add coverage to the sides of her face while maintaining harmony in the rest of her hair. This side-parted hairstyle creates a pure and attractive appearance. To make the hairstyle even more captivating, you can slightly curl or volumize the hair ends to add more dynamism and style.

Kim Tae Ri with captivating side-parted hair
Kim Tae Ri with captivating side-parted hair

Hime Hair

Hime hair originated from Japan and features short hair layers elongated to the jawline on both sides of the face. This style has given Kim Tae Ri a noticeable appearance and made a strong impression on the audience. Instead of the traditional ethereal image, the Hime hairstyle has helped Kim Tae Ri become more unique and powerful, creating a completely new and attractive look.

Kim Tae Ri with trendy Hime hair loved by many Korean stars
Kim Tae Ri with trendy Hime hair loved by many Korean stars

Kim Tae Ri’s confidence and personality are always showcased through her unique hairstyles. Looking at the photos of her hair, we can’t help but feel the attraction and her distinctive style.

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