Kim Yoo Jung’s Fashionable Style in Real Life Matches Her On-Screen Beauty

Not only does Kim Yoo Jung excel in acting, but she also possesses a sophisticated yet youthful style in real life.


The role of the heiress Do Do Hee in the movie My Demon by Kim Yoo Jung has been one of the most notable roles recently. Not only does she impress in the film, but in real life, Kim Yoo Jung also pursues a more elegant yet youthful and dynamic style. Kim Yoo Jung’s everyday fashion is not only cute but also very easy to apply, anyone can learn from it.


Kim Yoo Jung is very fond of fitted and body-hugging fashion styles. The first outfit consists of a turtleneck sweater and an A-line skirt. Simple yet still sophisticated, it adds an elegant and polished touch to the actress’s appearance.


A round-neck short coat is also a favorite item of Korean stars, and Kim Yoo Jung is no exception. She pairs it with jeans and a high-neck sweater to keep warm while still maintaining a casual and trendy look. In addition, the big hair bow adds a touch of elegance fit for a young lady.


 Kim Yoo Jung often wears bright colors such as blue, yellow, red, and orange. These bold colors are not tacky but rather help diversify her style, making her look more youthful and dynamic. This contrasts with the elegant and graceful outfits she wears in the movie.


A short-sleeved A-line dress helps her appear more slim. The characteristic of this dress is its light fit, which provides comfort for the wearer while still highlighting a neat and balanced figure. That’s why it appears frequently in her fashion style.


In chilly weather, blazers are definitely a favorite. Kim Yoo Jung takes full advantage of this item. She constantly changes the way she mixes and matches to renew her image. However, Kim Yoo Jung’s outfits are not only diverse but also very classy and sophisticated.

Kim Yoo Jung’s fashion style is suitable for women to apply when going to school, work, and outings. Everyone should learn from her to refresh their own style.

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