Learn the fashion secrets of “The Flying Leaf” beauty to wear simple but youthful outfits.

Below are 10 youthful yet sophisticated outfits that any girl can easily replicate.


The beautiful Baifern from the film “Suddenly It’s Magic” may be 30 years old, but she looks just as young and vibrant as she did in her 20s. In addition to her stunning looks, she has a youthful and sweet fashion sense. Baifern’s outfit combinations are not overly complicated; she prefers basic and practical items that anyone can learn from. Below are 10 youthful and elegant outfit sets that everyone can copy.

Baifern’s knit dress gives a youthful and dynamic appearance without sacrificing elegance. In addition, this color tone enhances the complexion effectively. To complete the beautiful outfit, pair it with white shoes.

The formula of a white shirt and black shorts is quite simple. Baifern adds a touch of uniqueness to the outfit by layering a knitted cardigan over her shoulders.

Try wearing a sweater with a short skirt. This outfit also helps enhance height, even without high heels.

An off-the-shoulder sweater stands out while maintaining an elegant and graceful look. Pair it with jeans and a neat bun hairstyle like Baifern’s.

Colorful T-shirt, jeans, and a denim jacket can “cheat” age effectively. This outfit set is also suitable for women over 30.

A combination of a black shirt and gray trousers is simple yet trendy. By tucking in the shirt and wearing slingback shoes, the outfit becomes more polished and refined. To follow Baifern’s style, opt for trousers with ankle-length.

A T-shirt and jeans can create a sophisticated and elegant look if you prefer neutral-colored T-shirts. To complete the youthful and dynamic overall outfit, choose sneakers.

A combination of a white T-shirt, white shorts, and a beige cardigan is a perfect suggestion for casual days. The outfit is elevated by tucking in the shirt neatly.

A shirt dress is a timeless fashion item that is both practical and elegant. To keep warm in the cold weather, you can layer a cardigan over it. This combination will double the feminine and graceful look of your style.

Choose youthful and lively spaghetti strap dresses to complete your style. When paired with a bucket hat, you’ll look even more fresh and suitable for the current autumn weather.

Frequently asked questions

Her style is described as youthful, sweet, and elegant. Baifern opts for basic and practical outfit combinations that are not overly complicated. She knows how to add unique touches to simple formulas, like layering a knitted cardigan over a white shirt and black shorts ensemble.

One of her go-to looks is a knit dress, which gives a youthful and dynamic appearance while maintaining elegance. She also styles a white shirt with black shorts, adding a knitted cardigan for a unique touch. Additionally, she pairs a sweater with a short skirt, creating the illusion of heightened height.

Baifern has an elegant and graceful approach to styling sweaters. She opts for an off-the-shoulder sweater, pairing it with jeans and a neat bun hairstyle. She also recommends wearing a colorful sweater with a short skirt for a youthful look that enhances your height.

She proposes a colorful T-shirt with jeans and a denim jacket, which can make one look younger. This ensemble is suitable for women over 30 who want to “cheat” their age.

She pairs a black shirt with gray trousers, a simple yet trendy combination. To make the outfit more polished, she tucks in the shirt and wears slingback shoes. Following her style, opt for ankle-length trousers.

Baifern suggests choosing neutral-colored T-shirts and pairing them with jeans. Complete the look with sneakers for a youthful and dynamic outfit.

For a casual day, she recommends a white T-shirt, white shorts, and a beige cardigan. To elevate the outfit, neatly tuck in the shirt.

A shirt dress is a timeless and practical piece. To add elegance and warmth in cold weather, layer a cardigan over it. This combination enhances the feminine and graceful look.

She suggests choosing spaghetti strap dresses that are youthful and lively. To make the look even more fresh and suitable for autumn, pair the dress with a bucket hat.
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