Level up your style with J-Hope (BTS): Chic and timeless hacks

To receive compliments on your winter outfits, ladies, take some inspiration from Jiwooo's fashion tips. She has great ideas for shopping and styling yourself.


Jung Jiwoo is the biological older sister of J-Hope (BTS) and is currently the CEO of a famous fashion brand in South Korea. Jiwoo’s fashion sense is loved and admired by many women because she has a skillful and graceful way of dressing to create trendy and flattering outfits. If you want to be praised for your beautiful outfits this winter, learn some styling tips from Jiwoo for more shopping ideas and outfit coordination.

Jiwoo loves bright colored items to create a youthful and fresh look. First is a simple yet eye-catching outfit consisting of a blue sweater and a denim skirt, with color accents and fashion accessories that make her look even more lovely.

The denim skirt is also paired with a tweed coat by J-Hope’s older sister because she wants to create a luxurious, elegant, youthful, and modern look that reflects her personal style and the company she runs.

In the cold season, Jiwoo often wears oversized sweaters. She pairs the sweater with a plaid skirt and high boots to create a taller figure.

The fashion items in Jiwoo’s wardrobe are not only beautiful but also extremely trendy. For example, wide-leg jeans or short coats that are both innovative and have a characteristic elegance.

She not only chooses clothes that suit her figure but also through her color combination of outfits. J-Hope’s older sister often wears bright and gentle colors. For example, a set consisting of a cardigan, wide-leg jeans, and a T-shirt in a charming pink and white color scheme.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at the wardrobe of this 33-year-old beauty. In addition to tweed coats or leather jackets, you can also choose short denim jackets to add personality and style to your outfits.

This year, oversized sweaters will still be highly sought after in South Korea. Pair them with short skirts or wide-leg jeans for a more fashionable look.

Cropped blazers are a fresh choice for your late autumn wardrobe. This style of jacket is suitable for school or work, and you will definitely receive compliments for your beautiful outfit.

Shop with a similar style and you can dress beautifully like J-Hope’s older sister. Furthermore, Jiwoo’s fashion style is highly practical and suitable for any occasion.

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