My Linh, the diva’s daughter, flaunts her impeccable sense of fashion, effortlessly blending elegance and edginess.

Mỹ Anh has always known how to make a lasting impression, showcasing her ability to "balance" any style.


My Anh is the youngest daughter of diva My Linh and composer Anh Quan. She has a unique musical taste and an impressive fashion style. She doesn’t limit herself to a specific fashion style, but always innovates and diversifies her style. No matter what kind of outfit she wears, My Anh always stands out.

Edgy with a personal touch

Her personality and trendiness are what people notice about her. She often wears oversized fashion items such as puffer jackets, sweaters, and wide-leg jeans, which are both fashion-forward and dynamic.

Even though she is not tall, My Anh can successfully pull off wide and loose-fitting outfits without feeling overwhelmed.

In addition to the relaxed items, My Anh also frequently layers her clothing. With her skill, her layered outfits are harmonious and coordinated.

Sweet with elegant dresses

She prefers square-neck or ruffled loose dresses. These dresses have a hint of classic charm while still exuding youthfulness and sweetness, suitable for a twenty-something girl.

Jumpsuits, patterned skirts, and trendy two-strap tops are also part of My Anh’s style. The highlight of her style is her choice of unique shoes.

Elegant outfits are not lacking

She also wears elegant outfits such as blazers, black skirts, or neutral-colored collar tops. These items create sophisticated looks.

My Anh cleverly adds simple yet eye-catching accessories to her outfits, making them stand out.

Seductive yet refined

My Anh also embraces the “hot trend” of ballet-inspired outfits. The outfits have a dreamy and ethereal vibe that enhances the wearer’s attractiveness and maintains a sense of elegance.

Moreover, the Balletcore outfits successfully showcase My Anh’s charm while still remaining sophisticated and elegant. It can be said that My Anh has excellently embraced the Balletcore trend, expressing her personality while still capturing the sweetness of this style.

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