Nail polish colors for the cold season that beauty enthusiasts can’t miss out on

This year, let the Maillard style be your guide to a new level of sophistication. Get ready to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. The Maillard style - your ticket to a world of elegance and style.


The transitional moment is also the time for you to refresh yourself and have a fresher appearance. At this time, in addition to your hair, don’t forget to choose a cute nail set for a perfect look. This autumn, the Maillard style trend or the variation of the brown tone is causing a fever.

Brown tone nails are making beauty enthusiasts go crazy.

The color transition creates extremely new and unique shades of brown, vibrant, and trendy. Pastel brown tone helps to harmonize the intensity of brown color and become lighter and translucent, bringing a youthful and fresh look. It can be paired with other colors to create a personal touch according to your preferences.

Ombre nails, also known as gradient nails, are one of the beauty trends that fashion-savvy women have been loving for a while. Each nail has a different style, which is very interesting and brings a fresh feeling.

French-style nails always represent an elegant fashion style. The striking brown Maillard color at the nail tips leaves a strong impression.

Grayish-brown color painted in a gradient style, like a latte with a lot of milk.

Hazelnut brown tone brings a romantic autumn atmosphere, making the wearer shine and classy.

Sometimes, just applying a layer of glitter all over the nail or adding it to the tip of the nail can make the nail color more sparkling.

This attractive dark mocha tone promises to be one of the popular choices for this autumn-winter season.

Brown tone combined with a little red, moss green, or light purple, along with the cat-eye technique, creates extremely unique colors.

To achieve this wonderful effect, you can add color-changing and blurred effects to the dark brown color.

The elegance, sophistication, and trendiness that this golden brown nail set brings will definitely satisfy every lady. You can choose a plain color style or a 3D effect style.

When brown color is combined with other brown tones like milk brown, coffee brown, it creates a gentle and elegant nail set.


Amber brown is the perfect blend of warm dark brown and sweet caramel color, creating a unique nail set.

Brown color brings a gentle and sophisticated feeling. Mix it with orange-brown tone, and you will have a unique and stylish nail set.

You can freely create with patterns of flowers, leaves, waves, stripes… to bring lively and captivating nail designs.

The nude brown color is very suitable for delicate girls. Combine it with a simple dress and light makeup to create an attractive look.

Nail art with brown color is heavily booked by beauty enthusiasts every autumn. If you are looking for a versatile, sweet, cute, or personal nail color.

Brown veins on the nails bring elegance and modernity. Thanks to the versatility with various shades, brown vein nails are suitable for many styles.


Reddish-brown is one of the colors that can brighten up your skin in an extremely cool and sophisticated way.

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Frequently asked questions

Some trendy colors for the colder months include deep burgundies, forest greens, and dark blues. These rich, vampy shades complement the season’s moody atmosphere and offer a sophisticated edge to your look.

For fair skin tones, opt for darker shades like navy or emerald green. Medium skin tones can experiment with burgundies and plums, while darker skin tones can rock any shade, especially deep teals and purples.

Yes, matte finishes are particularly trendy during the cold season. They offer a sleek and modern look, toning down the vibrancy of the colors. However, if you prefer a glossy finish, go for it! It’s all about personal preference and what makes you feel confident.

Absolutely! You can create interesting manicures by combining multiple colors mentioned in the article. For example, try pairing a deep burgundy with a dark blue or a forest green with a hint of gold. Get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Negative space manicures are very popular this season. It involves leaving some parts of your nails unpainted, creating a modern and minimalist look. You can also try adding simple line designs or geometric shapes for a unique twist.