New and Fresh Hairstyle Ideas for Spring-Summer: Introducing Hippie Curls Revamp

If you want to look younger, ladies can try the hippie curly hair style and dye it in some basic colors like brown, hazelnut... to make the face brighter.


Hippie is a term for young people who style their hair or dress in a unconventional and somewhat wild manner. Hippie brings a stylish, different and unique look compared to the usual hairstyles, so you can try the hippie hairstyle for a fresh look. Messy hippie hair is a hippie curly hairstyle inspired by the classic beauty of the 90s. Hippie hair has many styles such as wavy curls, headband hair, dreadlocks, or a unique combination of two hairstyles.

Hippie curly hair can be suitable for many face shapes, just choose the right bangs style to cover the facial flaws. For example, round and square faces should have long side bangs to cover the jaw angles. With a long face, you should have straight bangs or curtain bangs.

BlackPink’s Jisoo has also promoted the beautiful and melancholic curly hippie hairstyle.

If you want to look younger, you can dye your hair with basic colors like brown, hazel… to make your face brighter.

You can style your hair in many ways with this style, such as braids, hair ties or simple hair clips like this, which can make you look youthful.

Hippie curly hair is a savior for those with thin hair. This hairstyle will make you feel like you have thicker hair.

When doing hippie curls, remember to choose care and shampoo products specifically for curly hair.

A little cuteness with messy hippie curls.

Hippie curly hair combined with gray dye is considered trendy.

Hippie curly hair reaching the waist will give you a feminine and charming look.

This hairstyle helps you look energetic and youthful, and is suitable for outdoor activities and summer vacations.

If you have thick hair, you should trim your hair before curling.

Bangs will make you look more youthful when doing hippie curls.

Hippie hair is definitely a hairstyle you should try to freshen up your look this year.

Hippie hair can be suitable for different face shapes, depending on how you style it and combine it with your personal style. Additionally, this is a hippie curly hair for round faces that covers facial flaws and enhances the cute features of the face. The important thing is to create a overall balance between the hair and the face to create a harmonious appearance. If you feel interested in hippie hair and want to try it, you can consult the opinions of some professional stylists to create a style that suits your face.

Frequently asked questions

To achieve the hippie look, you can experiment with wavy curls, headband hair, dreadlocks, or a creative combination of different hairstyles. You can also accessorize with braids, hair ties, or simple hair clips for a youthful touch.

The beauty of hippie hair is that it flatters a range of face shapes. For round and square faces, long side bangs help soften jaw angles. Those with long faces can opt for straight or curtain bangs to add dimension. Additionally, thin hair can benefit from this style as it creates the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

To maintain healthy and defined hippie curls, it’s crucial to use hair care and shampoo products specifically designed for curly hair. Additionally, if you have thick hair, consider trimming it before curling to enhance the shape and manageability of your curls.

Absolutely! Dyeing your hair can enhance the hippie aesthetic. For a youthful and brightening effect, consider basic colors like brown or hazel. Alternatively, for a trendy twist, you can opt for gray-dyed hippie curls.

Hippie hair can work with various hair lengths. However, for a truly charming and feminine look, consider growing your hippie curls to waist length. This length also pairs well with outdoor activities and summer vacations, adding to the carefree and energetic vibe.

BlackPink’s Jisoo has sported the curly hippie hairstyle, showcasing its beautiful and melancholic appeal. Her look can serve as a great reference for those interested in trying out this unique style.

The hippie hairstyle is a fun and effortless way to refresh your look. It adds a stylish edge to your appearance and can enhance your features, making it a versatile and flattering choice for anyone seeking a unique yet manageable hairstyle.
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