New Year, New Look: Stand Out with These Vibrant Hair Colors

Come and choose yourself a new hair color for 2024, it will bring you luck.


Mermaid Hair Dye

Mermaid hair dye is a hair dye technique with vibrant colors, in a small area at the hair ends, to highlight the hair ends and make you more stylish without being too flashy. This is a suitable hairstyle for those who want to add a personal touch to their face.

Block Hair Dye

The hairstylist divides your hair color into different blocks, each block can have a different color, creating a very interesting multi-layer effect. This highlighting technique can give you more options, whether you want to increase the brightness. If you are tired of boring hair colors, block hair dye is definitely worth a try.

Ear Highlight Hair Dye

This is a highlighting style that includes highlighting the inner layer of hair, focusing on both sides of the ear.

Milk Brown Hair with Pink Undertones

This hair color combines milk brown and pink undertones. With this hair color, your appearance will become unique and suitable for various skin tones. You also don’t have to bleach your hair too much, so you don’t have to worry about damage from excessive use of chemicals.

Brightening Brown Hair for Fair Skin

This color is a popular choice for those who love youthful and charming looks. You don’t need to bleach your hair before dyeing. However, after dyeing, you need to take care of your hair carefully to avoid dryness and damage.

Brownish hair is suitable for girls with medium to fair skin. It will make your girl’s complexion brighter, look youthful and dynamic.

Hairline Dye

This hair dye style can also be called line dye, which means dyeing the hairline on both sides of the face with a bright color to create accents on dark-colored hair. This style not only makes you stand out but also gives a sweet and stylish feeling, whether you leave your hair loose or tie it up high.

Line Dye

This “line dye” style is more detailed than regular highlighting, giving a clear line feeling. This highlight dye method emphasizes the contrast between the base color and the highlight color, so choose a darker hair color with lighter highlights.

Purple Red Hair

This hair color is often chosen by girls who prefer a standout style. It makes girls look cute and attractive.

Purple red hair also gives girls a sweet and attractive appearance. This is a super skin-toning hairstyle, especially suitable for girls with fair skin.

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