Not because of the weather, here are 4 habits that make freshly washed hair sticky

Not because of the weather, here are 4 habits that make freshly washed hair sticky. See the article right away to know the reason why your hair is often greasy.


Many people think that in the summer, when the weather is hot, the body will sweat more, making the hair more sticky. However, there are still many other causes of greasy hair that are not weather. Read the article below with Bach Khoa XANH to learn more.

1 Brushing your hair too much and touching your hair often

Our hands, in addition to dirt and bacteria, also have a certain amount of oil. So if you constantly touch your hair, your hair will get dirty and sticky faster.

Besides, combing your hair a lot will stimulate the scalp to produce more oil, making the hair that has just been washed.

Chải tóc quá nhiều và mê chạm tay lên tóc Brushing my hair too much and falling in love with my hands

2 Washing your hair too much

People with oily hair will often have a habit of washing their hair regularly to help maintain clean hair. While this sounds reasonable, in fact, washing your hair too much will wash away the natural oils in your hair, causing dry hair and oily skin to continuously produce more oil to compensate. So the more you wash your hair, the faster it gets greasy.

Gội đầu quá nhiều Washing your hair too much

3 Using too much conditioner

Regular use will make hair softer and smoother. However, if you use an excessive amount of conditioner, and apply it carefully at the roots, it will make the hair quickly greasy, heavy, and flat.

Therefore, you should control the amount of conditioner used, and apply it away from the hair roots to make the hair soft, bouncy, and not sticky.

Dùng dầu xả quá nhiều Using too much conditioner

4 Use a dirty comb

Brushing is something that comes into direct contact with your scalp. So if the scalp is dirty, the dirt, bacteria, and excess oil will attack the hair and make it greasy and messy. Therefore, you should clean your comb every day to help your hair be less sticky.

Dùng lược chải đầu bẩn Use a comb to brush dirty hair

Above are 4 habits that make freshly washed hair sticky that we want to share with you. Hope you will find this information useful.