“Nữ phụ “Itaewon Class” unveils adorable autumn outfit sets, making you look years younger”

Looking for more fashion inspiration? Look no further than Kwon Nara. With her impeccable style and stunning looks, she sets the bar high for fashionistas everywhere. Whether she's rocking a casual chic ensemble or a glamorous red carpet look, Kwon Nara knows how to make a statement. Get ready to take your wardrobe to the next level with her fashion-forward choices. Don't miss out on this style icon's incredible fashion journey. Learn from the best and elevate your style game with Kwon Nara as your guide.


Kwon Nara is a familiar actress to Vietnamese audiences through movies such as “Itaewon Class” and “Bulgasal: Immortal Birth”. She is always praised for her youthful appearance. She doesn’t limit her style to a specific type of clothing, she transforms with feminine and dynamic outfits. If you want more fashion ideas, Kwon Nara’s style is a worthy model to learn from. 

The formula of a shirt and high-waisted trousers in a white tone with a camisole to optimize the silhouette. Therefore, even when wearing bulky shoes, Kwon Nara’s figure is not suppressed. The brown handbag adds an interesting accent.

The black outfit is simple but still eye-catching. Nara cleverly combines short-sleeved shirts with black shorts, and adds waistline accents. Thanks to this, Kwon Nara’s slender figure is enhanced effectively.

Kwon Nara’s dress impresses with its delicate and feminine charm. Sneakers are suitable for the outfit while creating a prominent highlight for the overall look.

Combining a waist-accented blouse with shorts helps the wearer’s figure appear more slender and taller. To ensure the delicacy of the overall outfit, Kwon Nara chooses a simple handbag.

A light purple cardigan and jeans bring a sweet and rustic charm to the wearer. Instead of choosing a formal pair of shoes, Kwon Nara wears white sneakers to complete the dynamic outfit.

This is a formula that anyone can wear beautifully. To not diminish the elegance of the white cardigan and blue jeans duo, the wearer should choose a pair of neutral-tone shoes.

Wearing a set of a cardigan and a short pink skirt, Kwon Nara not only avoids the feeling of being too girly but also looks very fresh. Kwon Nara’s outfit becomes more trendy thanks to high boots in black.

A medium-length sweater and tweed skirt create a standout and luxurious appearance. You can apply this outfit combination to bring a new look to your winter style.

She also combines a square-necked cardigan in light yellow with blue jeans. This outfit scores with its youthful and sophisticated vibe.

A short-sleeved sweater is one of the prominent fashion trends. Kwon Nara wears a pretty elegant outfit which includes a black short-sleeved sweater, combined with blue jeans. Apply this simple yet fashionable outfit formula.

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