Oily clean skin, no dark with only 5k lemongrass bunch and ice cubes

The hot summer weather is probably the reason why you have oily, acne-prone skin that will be extremely worried if you don't prepare sunscreen carefully. Then let's find out with Bach Hoa XANH through the following article!


Worrying all the time but don't know where to find a solution to help clean the skin from oily, dark spots effectively. Then stop for a few minutes and listen to Bach Hoa Xanh tell you how to fix it with just a combo of 5 thousand lemongrass bundles and ice cubes available at home.

first Skin care benefits of lemongrass and ice cubes

Uses of lemongrass

Lemongrass contains many vitamins such as , , , , and many important minerals such as , , , and … have very good uses for skin nourishment.

Công dụng của sả Uses of lemongrass

Because lemongrass has a lot and, when used, it will work in reducing acne. Lemongrass is also proven to reduce bruises that appear on the skin, the skin becomes brighter thanks to lemongrass.

Uses of ice cubes

Not everyone can afford to buy expensive cosmetics, while cold stone skin care is also beautiful and effective.

Công dụng của đá viên Uses of ice cubes

Massaging the skin every day with cold stones will help blood circulate easily, which will make your skin more rosy and brighter , help tighten pores and increase the ability to absorb other nutrients.

2 How to care for skin with lemongrass and ice cubes

Ingredients for lemongrass essential oil

  • 1 bunch
  • 1 bag of ice cubes
  • 1 large pot

  • 1 large bowl

How to make lemongrass essential oil

Step 1 After cleaning the lemongrass, the next step is to smash the lemongrass body with a knife once , this step makes it easier for lemongrass to distill essential oils and create more fragrance.

Dùng dao đập dập thân sả qua một lần Use a knife to smash the lemongrass body once

Step 2 Pour a sufficient amount of water into the pot , put in the center of the pot a large bowl, then arrange the lemongrass around, just enough water to cover the face of the lemongrass plant but not too much to avoid the distillation solution being diluted or boiling water will overflow into the bowl.

Đổ một lượng nước vừa đủ vào nồi Pour a sufficient amount of water into the pot

Step 3 Take the pot lid back, put on the lid 1 bag of ice cubes , it is best to use a glass lid to easily observe the amount of water inside.

Lấy nắp nồi đậy ngược lại, đặt lên nắp 1 bịch đá viên Take the pot lid back, put 1 bag of ice cubes on the lid

Step 4 Turn on low heat to distill lemongrass juice for 30 minutes , the water evaporates and meets the ice on top, it will condense and drip into the bowl into pure distilled water.

Đổ ra chai có vòi xịt hoặc hũ thủy tinh Pour into a spray bottle or glass jar

Step 5 See the results, the essential oil can be distilled. You pour into a bottle with a spray nozzle or a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid for repeated use.

How to take care of your skin with lemongrass essential oil and ice cubes

A week, you will use this citronella oil to steam 3 times, combine with lemongrass essential oil on the swollen acne spots , after 1 month of persistent use, you will see that the skin is smooth, no more hidden acne.

Above is what Bach Khoa GREEN tells you to help clean the skin and reduce dark spots. Hope this article will help you get more useful and interesting information.

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