Prepare to Try Out These 3 Summer Beauty Fads!

Stay up to date on the hottest summer beauty trends with our article that showcases the top 3 trends of the season.


As the summer season approaches, now is the ideal time to experiment with distinct beauty trends. Embrace your creativity through edgy hairstyles and embrace the latest techniques. This article presents a compilation of the top three unique beauty trends for this summer. Embark on a journey to explore and embrace these trends, enabling you to achieve a fresh and captivating look.

How to Create a Flushed Cheek Look using Cherries, Sticky Rice and Petals

In lieu of traditional blush, consider using berries to enhance your cheeks and lips. A fantastic option is cherries, which can provide a simple and effective way to achieve a natural and captivating makeup look. By cutting cherries in half and applying them to your cheeks and lips, you can obtain a subtle pink hue that will make your lips appear plumper and more moisturized.

Apply cheek color with cherries, sticky rice

Apply cheek color with cherries, sticky rice

If you are looking to experiment with a bold makeup look, consider incorporating the deep red color of sticky rice berries into your routine. Instead of opting for traditional red lipstick, try using sticky rice berries to add a pop of color to your lips. This unconventional approach will help you achieve a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching makeup style. Give it a try and experience the noticeable difference for yourself!

“Unconventional Technique to Create the Perfect Brows: Using Banana Stems”

Would you like to achieve naturally beautiful eyebrows without the use of any beauty products? Consider the innovative technique of using banana stems to draw your eyebrows. This natural approach offers a unique and refreshing beauty solution for the summer season.

Bananas offer not only health benefits but also serve as a versatile beauty ingredient. Whether in skincare or makeup, bananas provide numerous advantages for enhancing your skin and overall appearance. What’s intriguing is that the stem of a banana can be utilized as a substitute for eyebrow pencils and eyeliners.

To achieve a natural and elegant eyeliner look without the use of eyebrow pencils or eyeliners, simply take a match and lightly burn the stem of a banana to create a black color. This charred stem can then be used to draw a line behind your eyelashes and fill in your eyebrows with a light touch. This easy technique adds a touch of sophistication to your makeup routine.

Draw eyebrows using banana stems
Draw eyebrows using banana stems

In addition, banana peels can be a beneficial treatment for reducing dark circles around the eyes. By gently rubbing the inside of a banana peel on the affected areas, you can effectively diminish the appearance of these dark circles.

“Decorating Hair with Henna Leaves: An Alternative to 3Dye”

Are you looking for a natural and chemical-free way to change your hair color? Explore the use of henna leaves as a hair dye. This all-natural and innovative beauty technique is perfect for achieving a stunning look this summer.

If you are looking to change your hair color without resorting to chemical products, consider exploring natural alternatives such as henna leaves, scientifically known as Lawsonia inermis, for dyeing your hair.

Dye hair with henna leaves
Image: Dye hair with henna leaves

This natural hair dye powder offers the ability to dye hair into natural shades of black, brown, or red. The resulting color can be customized by adjusting the mixing method and amount of combined ingredients used. Aside from creating vibrant and natural-looking hair, this dye also helps to protect the overall health of your hair.

Discover these incredible beauty trends for this summer with excitement and inspiration. Embrace these innovative and distinctive beauty techniques to dazzle during the sunny season. Join us in experimenting and exchanging your own adventures!