Queen of Tears film’s heroine shows off numerous flattering outfit choices

Lee Joo Bin stands at around 1m63, but she looks like 1m70 thanks to her skill in dressing to flatter her figure.


The movie Queen of Tears is currently receiving much attention with its charming performances. Among the main cast of the film, Lee Joo Bin – the supporting actress of the movie is also making waves. In Queen of Tears, Lee Joo Bin applies an elegant fashion style, while in real life she exudes youthfulness and dynamism. The interesting thing is that Lee Joo Bin is about 1m63 tall but looks like 1m70 thanks to her skillful figure-flattering fashion sense.

Shorts are the secret weapon to enhance Lee Joo Bin’s figure. She wears them very fashionable and luxurious. Black stockings not only add an alluring touch to the overall outfit but also provide the “hack” to long and slim legs.

When wearing a long skirt, Lee Joo Bin pairs it with a cropped top. In this way, she doesn’t need high heels but still has a tall and graceful appearance.

She pairs green pants with a two-tone sweater, creating a youthful yet elegant outfit. The actress completes the sophisticated look with black sneakers.

The combination of pastel pink cropped sweater and brown shorts can be worn in both spring and summer. The beige Mary Jane shoes are perfect for a sweet outfit. Additionally, this shoe style enhances the figure and gives a tall appearance.

Flare jeans are leading the fashion trend. Just by combining them with a cropped sweater, you can have a youthful and elegant look. This outfit also optimally flatters the figure.

A split-tail shirt will bring a fresh touch to your style. Lee Joo Bin pairs this innovative shirt with a beige skirt and scores points for her youthfulness.

A cropped white sweater combined with a khaki skirt is suitable for both work and outings. To complete the carefree outfit, Lee Joo Bin adds oversized bags and youthful, dynamic sneakers.

White and beige outfits are the “key” to a youthful and elegant look. When wearing a combo of a cardigan sweater, a cardigan, and white jeans, Lee Joo Bin also wears a belt to further enhance her figure.

The combination of a blazer and skinny jeans helps the wearer achieve a sleek and youthful appearance. Skinny jeans also go well with high boots, making the figure look taller and more slim.

A white t-shirt and basic blue jeans can still give you a youthful and trendy look. Lee Joo Bin skillfully enhances her figure with a tidy belt and wears elegant high heel sandals.

Frequently asked questions

When wearing a long skirt, Lee Joo Bin opts for a cropped top instead of high heels to create the illusion of height. This clever pairing gives her a tall and graceful appearance while maintaining comfort and a unique style.

Lee Joo Bin has an eye for creating elegant yet youthful outfits. One such ensemble includes green pants paired with a two-tone sweater, finished with black sneakers for a sophisticated touch. This combination showcases her unique sense of style and proves that elegance can be achieved at any age.

Lee Joo Bin understands the power of pastel colors in creating a sweet and romantic aesthetic. She pairs a pastel pink cropped sweater with brown shorts, a combination that flatters her figure and is perfect for spring and summer days. To complete the look, she chooses beige Mary Jane shoes, which not only enhance the outfit’s sweetness but also add the illusion of height.

Lee Joo Bin is a trendsetter when it comes to the latest fashion trends. She styles flare jeans with a cropped sweater, achieving a youthful and elegant look while staying true to her unique sense of style. This outfit flatters her figure and showcases her expertise in adapting trends to suit her personal style.

Lee Joo Bin isn’t afraid to experiment with innovative shirt styles like the split-tail shirt. She pairs this unique piece with a beige skirt, creating a youthful and trendy ensemble. Her choice of styling showcases her fashion-forward thinking and her ability to make innovative pieces wearable and stylish.

Lee Joo Bin has a versatile sense of style that seamlessly transitions from work to outings. One of her go-to outfits is a cropped white sweater paired with a khaki skirt. To complete the carefree yet chic look, she adds oversized bags and youthful, dynamic sneakers, proving that comfort and style can coexist.

Lee Joo Bin understands the timeless appeal of white and beige outfits in creating a youthful and elegant aesthetic. She styles a cardigan sweater and cardigan with white jeans and adds a belt to further enhance her figure. This combination is a testament to her skill in using classic colors to achieve a sophisticated and flattering look.

Lee Joo Bin showcases her versatility by styling a blazer with skinny jeans, achieving a sleek and youthful look. She understands that skinny jeans pair well with high boots, elongating the figure and creating a slim silhouette. This ensemble is a perfect example of her ability to create modern and trendy outfits.

Lee Joo Bin proves that even the simplest outfits can be made trendy and youthful with the right styling. She pairs a white t-shirt with basic blue jeans and adds a tidy belt to enhance her figure. Her choice of elegant high-heel sandals completes the look, demonstrating her skill in elevating casual outfits with just the right accessories.
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