Quỳnh Kool and Huyền Lizzie share an amazing hack for endless legs that everyone should learn

Choosing a pair of sneakers to mix and match is a skill that everyone should learn from these trendy fashionistas.


Quynh Kool

Playing the role of teacher Nguyen in the movie “Chung Ta Cua 8 Nam Sau” part 2, Quynh Kool impresses with natural acting and a super stylish fashion sense. Especially, high-waisted trousers are the item that Quynh Kool favors the most when portraying teacher Nguyen. This is also a standardized design for a chic office style that everyone should have.

Teacher Nguyen embodies the demeanor of a teacher while still cleverly enhancing height and creating a perfect figure for Quynh Kool.

Having a petite figure, Quynh Kool always dresses perfectly and elegantly with black trousers and a neat button-up shirt. Although part 2 has just aired, Quynh Kool’s office-style fashion sense has received numerous praises.

Of course, Quynh Kool has another trick to enhance her figure if sharp-eyed women can spot it right away. She remains loyal to the formula of trousers + shirt/blouse. A formula that always scores absolutely in the office. If not a shirt, Quynh Kool will choose a cropped blazer, adding a button-up action to create a very flattering figure.

Not to mention, Quynh Kool also applies high heels to enhance her figure. She chooses classic tones to heighten the mesmerizing effect for both her legs and slender figure.

Huyen Lizzie

Van Trang’s fashion sense varies more than teacher Nguyen, but they all apply the same tricks as Quynh Kool. Huyen Lizzie with the role of Van Trang has caused a frenzy across the internet thanks to her sophisticated, elegant fashion sense that creates a buzz with every outfit she wears.

Whenever she wears trousers, Huyen Lizzie always chooses wide-legged pants that extend to the heels to pair with sharp-toed high heels. Adding pointed shoes skillfully elongates the legs. Since “Thuong Ngay Nang Ve,” the sets of Van Trang’s outfits have been widely adopted by working women.

Also, familiar office items such as trousers, blouses, blazers… but Huyen Lizzie always has her own way to transform Van Trang’s outfits to make them more attractive and standout.

Choosing classic tones shoes to mix with is a great trick that everyone should learn from these girls. Office outfits with trousers maximize height thanks to the simple mixing tip. In fact, even when wearing flat shoes, just choose pointed shoes to pair with trousers, and it can create the effect of a tall and slender figure for your legs.

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