Sam’s Emotions and the Beauty of Motherhood

Immediately after publishing, many people have sent congratulations to Sam with this special news in the early days of the year.


Recently, Sam has shared postpartum pictures. She impresses with her upgraded beauty, fresh and radiant aura despite just giving birth to two children not long ago. Besides that, Sam also amazes many people with her more seductive figure than before.

In addition, she also reveals her emotions as a first-time mother: “Welcome, my two dragons, to your mother’s life. From the day I heard your heartbeat and followed you every day, every breath, every movement of yours has brought me immense happiness and overflowing love. I hope the two of you will always be healthy and happy in the loving arms of your mother and everyone around. And rest assured in this beautiful world, mom has given the best gift to the moment of your birth. Love you both so much. Sam sincerely thanks everyone for their wishes, inquiries, and love for the parents and the family. Love you all so much!”

A close relative of Sam said that her little one was born in the condition of being fully “wrapped”: “Thank you very much everyone. Because currently, sister Sam and the two babies are still in the hospital, so we haven’t been able to share much information, please understand. Sister Sam gave birth yesterday. 2 babies (1 boy and 1 girl) surprisingly.
Because I also gave birth and I am a mother now, when sister Sam gave birth, I felt overjoyed. I remembered the birthing room, the scene of breaking the water, the scene of the doctor pushing and then the baby lying on my body. It was really… oh my!

Sister Sam gave birth by caesarean section, the health of the 3 mothers and babies is stable. When giving birth, one of the 2 babies was born in the condition of being “wrapped” (being completely wrapped in the amniotic sac while being born). According to popular belief, being “wrapped” during birth is a very rare case, which is a sign of good luck for both the baby and the parents. Sam sends her thanks to all of you for caring about her motherhood journey in the past 9 months”.

Sam announced that she was pregnant with her first child at the end of October 2023. The actress confirmed that she used the in vitro fertilization (IVF) method.

During pregnancy, Sam revealed that her body had many changes. In the early months of pregnancy, the actress experienced hormonal changes, acne all over her face and back. She also suffered from severe morning sickness, which made her unable to go anywhere, just staying at home.

Sam once shared that her husband is not working in the artistic field, and they had time to get to know each other before deciding to get married. Especially, many netizens left strong opinions that Sam’s husband is the expert IVF doctor, which made her annoyed and emphasized: “Why do you believe that so much?”.

The beauty disclosed the in vitro fertilization process and the unforgettable emotions when she was pregnant: “I still remember from the days of injecting each dose of medicine until the day of egg retrieval and waiting for the results of the embryos and until the day of embryo transfer, the part in this video is Dr. Thinh transferring the embryos into Sam’s body. There, you see, the embryos are twitching, and now they have become babies in my body, that’s truly a miraculous thing that I can’t describe. Sam thinks only mothers who have undergone the IVF method can understand, surprisingly until this point, Sam’s baby is very healthy and stable. In this ultrasound clip, Sam’s baby is sucking her finger, practicing breastfeeding, it’s so touching, isn’t it everyone?”.

Frequently asked questions

Sam announced her pregnancy with her first child in October 2023, and she underwent in-vitro fertilization (IVF). She experienced hormonal changes, acne, and severe morning sickness during pregnancy. Sam gave birth to twins, a boy, and a girl through a caesarean section, and one of the babies was born “wrapped” in the amniotic sac, which is considered a sign of good luck.

Sam described the IVF process as miraculous and unforgettable, expressing her gratitude for the healthy and stable development of her baby. She emphasized that only mothers who have undergone IVF can truly understand the experience.

Sam’s husband is not from the artistic field, and they got to know each other before their marriage. There have been speculations that her husband is an IVF expert, which Sam has denied. A close relative of Sam expressed joy and shared details about the birth, confirming that Sam and the twins are doing well.
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