Should You Straighten or Dye Your Hair? Expert Advice at Hand

Do you find yourself debating whether to have your hair cut or straightened before dyeing it? Never fear! Hair professionals have compiled the essential guide to help you make the perfect choice with ease.


Hair Care for Dyed Hair

In addition to the face and skin, women also prioritize the care and maintenance of their hair. However, maintaining dyed hair can be quite challenging.

It is common for individuals to question the proper sequence of dyeing, cutting, straightening, or curling their hair. This concern often leaves women anxious as selecting the wrong order can result in dry and damaged hair, despite their long-term efforts to maintain its health.

The answer from experts: straightening hair before dyeing or dyeing first

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In essence, it is important to prioritize the order of hair treatments. For optimal results, it is recommended to first establish the desired hairstyle and shape before proceeding with hair dyeing, cutting, or straightening. This analogy can be understood by comparing it to painting a house – you must first complete the framing and rearrange everything before decorating the interior. Similarly, the hairstyle serves as the foundation and structure for the hair color, and therefore should be established before dyeing the hair. By following this approach, you can ensure that your hair achieves the desired look and style.

Thank you for your inquiry. It appears that you have obtained the desired answer. In addition, Thomas presents some compelling arguments regarding the timing of hair dyeing in relation to hair cutting or straightening procedures.

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Getting a Haircut and Dyeing Hair

The answer from experts: straightening hair before dyeing or dyeing first

Hair cutting is a professional hairstyling technique that involves trimming the length of the hair by a few centimeters and decreasing its thickness. This process aims to achieve a lighter and thinner appearance of the hair. Upon completion of a haircut, one can expect to have approximately 50% of the initial amount of hair remaining.

According to Thomas, implementing this solution can greatly save time and enhance the vibrancy of the dyeing color.

Dyeing Hair After Straightening or Curling

The answer from experts: straightening hair before dyeing or dyeing first

Dyeing your hair prior to straightening or curling can lead to unexpected or faded hair color due to the impact of styling products.

During the process of styling hair, it is important to note that new hair may grow. In the case of light-colored dyed hair, it may be necessary to undergo additional dyeing in order to achieve the desired result.

To achieve optimal results in hair dyeing, it is recommended to straighten or curl the hair prior to dyeing and allowing a 15-day gap before initiating the dyeing process. This time span ensures the dyeing color will effectively take hold. Moreover, it is advisable to strengthen the hair both before and after using any chemical treatments, as performing two consecutive services can place strain on the hair.

The answer from experts: straightening hair before dyeing or dyeing first

To ensure that your hair remains strong and healthy during the dyeing process, we recommend strengthening it beforehand. This can be achieved by incorporating repairing oil treatments or regular hair masks into your haircare routine at least one month prior to color application. By doing so, your hair will be better equipped to withstand the potentially damaging effects of the chemicals involved. Failure to take these precautions may result in weakened hair and scalp, ultimately causing hair loss.

To achieve desired results without compromising the health of your hair, it is recommended to select a reputable salon with skilled professionals who specialize in both hair coloring and styling. This will help minimize any potential damage to your hair while ensuring your desired outcome is achieved.

Maintaining healthy and beautiful hair is essential for women who enjoy expressing their individuality by dyeing their hair in their preferred colors and changing it up with the seasons.

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