Stay stylish and cozy with these perfect mix-and-match combos.

A chilly day calls for the perfect fur coat that keeps you warm and stylish.



White fur coats paired with gold accents add a touch of elegance to the wearer. Choose pastel colors for a youthful look.

Bright fur coats and dark wide-leg pants make for a cool combo.

Opt for longer coats like these to appear more sophisticated. To balance the overall look, consider pairing them with short pants/skirts and boots.

If you want to wear fur coats, wrap tops, and jeans without looking dull and faded, try adding small and cute accessories for a pop of color.

Fur coats with sweatpants, chiffon skirts, and boots make for a stylish combo, but be mindful of the length of each item to avoid looking overwhelmed.

Layer a sleeveless top from summer with a lightweight wool sweater in winter and top it off with a luxurious fur coat.

Pastel pink fur coats may sound girly, but if you mix them with boxy pants and a knitted hat, the story takes a cooler turn.

Teddy fur jackets mixed with leather create a standout look for an all-black outfit.

Fur coats and knee-high boots make for a super cool combo. For this set, you can simply choose white/black items.

Fur blazers are a fresher alternative for those who don’t like traditional fur coats.

In winter, opt for a comfortable street style with a black sheep fur coat, oversized denim pants, warm Ugg boots, and a Maison Michel bear ear sheepskin hat to add an extra touch to your look.

J-Hope’s sister, a member of BTS, wears a brown sheep fur coat for a sweet feeling. She keeps it simple with a basic black silk dress, a small patterned silk scarf, and square-toed ankle boots.

Jang Hee Ryung receives endless compliments for her fresh, youthful, and energetic appearance. Her close friend Suzy wears a white sheep fur coat, pairing it with a brown scarf.

Linda exudes a luxurious and trendy look with a buttoned sheep fur coat, a dark turtleneck sweater, an A-line skirt, and knee-high boots. Just looking at it gives a warm and cozy feeling.

Choose a schoolgirl style with a baseball fur coat, combined with a plaid denim skirt and metal buckle leather boots. Raro looks fresh, youthful, and extremely lively. This way of dressing allows the wearer to feel comfortable and flexible without feeling cumbersome or uncomfortable.

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