Take a look at 15 beautiful, trending and trendy men's hair colors in 2022

Men are wondering what hair color to choose to be fashionable in the coming year. Let's take a look at the 15 beautiful, trending and trendy men's hair colors with Bach Hoa GREEN in this upcoming 2022.


Hair color doesn't just make you different. When choosing a trendy hair color, men will become more stylish and elegant. Today, with Bach Hoa GREEN, take a look at 15 beautiful, trending and trendy men's hair colors in the upcoming 2022.

first Smoke gray

Tóc nam màu xám khói smoky gray male hair

It can be said that a hair color never goes out of fashion. In particular, in this 2022, smoky gray is a hot trend color chosen by the majority of young people.

With the perfect blend of gray and smoky colors, it creates a classic youthful look but no less personality. Try choosing this hair color to change the look more impressive.

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2 smoky brown

Tóc nam màu nâu khói Smokey brown male hair

This is probably a pretty popular color for young people today . In particular, when combining deep smoky brown tones with curly waves, it will help guys become more stylish.

Suitable for men who love Korean style , wearing more office suits is extremely fashionable.

3 Chestnut brown

Tóc nam màu nâu hạt dẻ sang trọng Luxurious chestnut brown male hair

This is always the first choice color tone by men. Not only will it help highlight your skin tone, chestnut brown will also help you look a few years younger.

With colors that are not too prominent, but still create charm and elegance for men . Try a little transformation with chestnut brown tones to become a marshal in your hearts.

4 Dark blue

Tóc màu xanh đen Dark blue hair

Men's blue-black hair color is still one of the favorite colors of many people because of the unique color between blue and black mixed together. When dyeing this color, your skin can be raised a few tones, helping the face become harmonious and elegant.

5 Moss green hair color

Màu xanh rêu Moss green

Men dyeing their hair moss green is one of the ways to quickly change their appearance and make you more impressive. Because the blue color has a bit of moss, it will highlight the hair form and help you look younger.

6 Yellow

Tóc nhuộm màu vàng Hair dyed yellow

This is a popular hair color and is the first choice of men when thinking about changing hair color. When dyeing blonde hair, it not only makes the face brighter and more impressive, but also creates a very unique personality for men.

7 Western brown

Màu nâu tây Western brown

The southwest brown hair color gradually became popular thanks to the wonderful blend of deep brown with other colors. Create a youthful, strong and especially not picky skin when dyeing . Therefore, this is one of the popular hair colors, loved by many men.

8 Pink

Tóc nam hồng Pink male hair

The hair is dyed pink and the Korean style mushroom hairstyle will definitely make women stand still. The bouncy of the hair creates gentleness and elegance for the face as well as increases the romance for you.

9 Moss brown color

Màu nâu rêu độc lạ Unique moss brown color

When choosing the 7/3 hairstyle and dyeing it more moss brown, it will create a style that is both attractive and disruptive. It can be seen that this moss brown color is quite popular and leading the current trend because of its uniqueness and impressive appearance for boys.

ten Smoke Black

Tóc nam màu đen khói Smokey black male hair

One of the familiar and popular hair colors chosen by many men is smoky black hair.

Although not too prominent, because the smoky black color is quite similar to the natural hair color, but there is a slight smoky light that creates a different effect for the hair. Make men more attractive by elegant appearance.

11 Blonde

Tóc nam màu bạch kim Platinum male hair

Platinum color is a hair color that is both "excellent" and unique, so many men are interested in it. Platinum color will suit those who have a little white skin, will exude the lovely and elegant look of the face.

twelfth Graphite color

Tóc màu than chì Graphite colored hair

A new color gamut, which is a combination of black mixed with a bit of silver-gray smoke, with a little bit of blue. These colors blend together to create a unique, extremely beautiful. This is a hair color that is being paid a lot of attention by young people today.

13 Smoke purple

Tóc màu tím khói Smokey purple hair

The smoky purple hair is both trendy, striking and stylish. Owning this brilliant hair color will help men become more impressive in the eyes of women . Smoky purple has quite a fresh tone, so it's easy to hack a few years more to make you look younger.

14 Red brown

Tóc nam nâu đỏ Red brown male hair

Reddish brown color always impresses people around and never goes out of fashion. Always loved by men because it highlights the face and skin more than other dyed hair colors . This is a safe choice for the traditional, simple, natural guys who will bring back the elegance, gentleness and style of the gentleman.

15 Highlight Color

Although this highlight color has been around for a long time, it is still a trend dye for men in 2022.

Thay đổi phong cách với màu tóc highlight Change your style with highlight hair color

This is a hairstyle that is dyed alternating between lighter colors than the usual background hair, to create a new and attractive effect for the hair. Highlight hair color will make your hair more unique and outstanding.

Above, Bach Hoa Xanh has summarized. Hope this information is useful to you. Hope you choose the right hair color for you.

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