The more fruits you eat, the more prone to acne

Fruit is a food that brings a lot of benefits to human health. However, hot fruits, if eaten a lot, will darken and acne. Please refer to the article below for more good tips when choosing!


1 Fruits that are prone to acne


Longan is also a hot fruit, due to its high sugar content, it will increase blood sugar, creating an environment for bacteria to grow, especially staphylococcus. This is the main cause of rashes and boils .

Quả nhãn

To eat longan to not get hot, you need: About 300g longan will be equivalent to a bowl of rice, so only about 300-500g longan should be eaten to provide vitamins and fiber for the body, should be eaten every other day to avoid heat. in the body.


Plums contain a lot of carotene , when the body converts into vitamin A , which is good for the eyes. Plum seeds also contain many essential nutrients for the body such as protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, potassium … have a detoxifying effect.

Quả mận

However, abuse of this fruit, eating too much also heats up the body because plums are hot, pregnant women eating a lot will cause the body to be hot, which can cause rashes, boils , and not good for health. health of both mother and baby.

Litchi fruit

Lychee is a normal summer fruit, but if eaten too much, it can cause heat and nosebleeds because lychee contains a lot of sugar. For people with heat in the body, it is not advisable to eat a lot of lychee because it is easy to sweat cold, weak limbs, dizziness, headache …

Quả vải

Pregnant women should also limit so as not to adversely affect the fetus. Reasonable way to eat lychee: Only about 5-10 fruits/day for adults, 3-4 fruits for young children.


As a fruit with a sweet and cool taste, easy to eat in the summer, but the high sugar content in peaches causes the body to become hot, boils , if eaten too much.

Quả đào

According to medicine, peaches are temperate, if eaten "uncontrolled" will affect the stomach, digestive disorders, flatulence, etc. Only about 3-4 peaches should be eaten in a day.

Custard apple

Custard apple has a very fragrant smell, a sharp sweet taste , and is easy to eat, but this is also the most hot summer fruit. If someone already has a hot body in the body, when eating a lot of na, it is easy to get acne, even heat rash, easy to be constipated, indigestion .


Eat custard apple properly: Should limit eating in hot days, should only eat about 400-500g/day .


Mango is a summer fruit that once caused a fever among young people with mango shake. However, mango is a fruit that can cause heat in the body if eaten a lot, acne because it contains a lot of sugar, eating too much in the summer can cause heat, acne, heat rash


How to eat mango without causing acne: The average person should only eat a maximum of 1 fruit/day , you can eat it directly or make a mango smoothie.


Guava is a fruit with a lot of vitamin C , easy to eat, very close to the people of Vietnam, is one of the favorite dishes of many people, even at the time of eating, many women mash guava.


Guava can also be eaten regardless of when green, nursery or ripe. However, guava is also a cure for many people's health, especially those who are constipated , and prone to acne .

Jack fruit

Jackfruit is one of the favorite summer fruits, because jackfruit is rich in vitamin C , good for digestion, prevents cancer, it is also the main ingredient in jackfruit yogurt to cool down in the summer .

However, jackfruit is also a hot fruit. Jackfruit contains a lot of sugar , which is not good for people with diabetes and is easy to get pimples.

Quả mít

Eat jackfruit properly: Should eat a moderate amount, about 150-300g/day , should not eat immediately and eat continuously, on hot days should limit eating.


Rambutan is a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system, but rambutan is also on the list of hot fruits. Pregnant women should also not eat a lot of rambutan, which can affect the fetus.

Chôm chôm

Eat rambutan properly: Only eat about 300-400g rambutan/day, limit eating on hot days.


Durian is a rich source of nutrients and has very good healing effects. However, durian is also a summer fruit that contains a lot of fat and sugar , if eaten a lot in the summer, it can cause heat in the body, causing the body to become hot and acne-prone.

Sầu riêng

People who eat too much durian are prone to hypertension, hot flashes, bloating, indigestion, … How to eat durian without heat: Only eat up to 2 packs/day and eat alternate days.

2 Fruits that are good for acne skin


Strawberries may be at the top of the list of acne-fighting fruits . Strawberries contain many antioxidants, which help support your skin's stronger immunity, fight bacteria and the surrounding environment, reduce acne.

Dâu tây

Strawberries also contain a lot of vitamin C , a vitamin that helps heal wounds, helping acne to heal faster.


Watermelon is an affordable fruit that can be bought and eaten every day. Watermelon contains many anti-inflammatory active ingredients , amino acids and vitamin C, so it has the effect of promoting fast healing of acne spots.

Dưa hấu


Pomegranate is a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin K works to support fast healing of acne. In addition, pomegranate also contains a lot of fiber, which helps the body clear wastes out of the body faster, avoid the accumulation of toxins, reduce acne on the skin.

Quả lựu

Pomegranate is also an affordable fruit that anyone can think of for long-term use.

Citrus fruits

The feature of these fruits is that they contain a lot of vitamin C , which helps to heal acne quickly and cool down the body on hot days.

Trái cây họ cam quýt


Papaya is a fruit that contains a lot of beta carotenoids, vitamin A , these substances have a very effective acne treatment effect.

Đu đủ


Banana is a fruit that is rich in fiber and antioxidants . In particular, bananas are rich in zinc, a trace element that many dermatologists add to prevent acne.


So you can choose this fruit to supplement yourself every day, because bananas also contain a lot of energy.

With the information from the above article, hope to help you choose the fruits to use in the hot season!