The “New Girl”: Son Tung’s Rumored Love Interest Captivates Millions on Instagram with Her Chic and Simple Style

"Hai Tu is no longer the muse for Son Tung M-TP's upcoming music video release."


There’s a buzz among netizens about the leading lady in Son Tung MTP’s new MV, the hottest Thai girl – Pimtha.

Pimtha (born in 1996) is an influential hot girl in Thailand and across Asia. She’s known for her beautiful looks and trendy fashion sense. Dubbed as “Barbie of Southeast Asia” by Thai youth, her Instagram boasts almost 5 million followers, captivating everyone with her style.

Let’s explore some of Pimtha’s recent easy-to-emulate fashion tips to elevate your fashion sense:

She loves the classic combination of a tank top with a short A-line skirt. For a twist, Pimtha pairs a pink tank top with a white skirt.

She pairs a pink tank top with a white skirt for a fun and flirty look.

To add a youthful and vibrant touch, Pimtha opts for navy blue bermuda shorts and colorful shoes, a trend that’s taking the fashion world by storm.

Colorful shoes add a playful touch to her outfit, a current trend among fashionistas.

Pimtha enhances her look with accessories like a hat, headphones, and a tote bag. Her wardrobe is filled with versatile and stylish pieces, earning her a perfect 10 for her fashion sense.

Pimtha’s accessories, including a hat, headphones, and a tote bag, elevate her casual outfit.

Pimtha has a soft spot for feminine and sweet colors. While on a beach vacation, she wore a trendy pink outfit with a grey tube top and colorful slippers, a perfect summer combination.

Pimtha’s beach look, featuring a pink outfit with a grey tube top and colorful slippers, is a summer dream.

For a casual look, Pimtha pairs a white t-shirt with blue jeans. She adds a unique twist by wearing a light sweater as a cape and finishing the look with black sunglasses.

Pimtha keeps it casual with a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a light sweater worn as a cape.

Pimtha stuns in an all-white outfit with bow details and a pink bag. This ensemble blends her poetic fashion sense with elegance and luxury.

Pimtha’s all-white outfit with bow details and a pink bag blends elegance and luxury.

As a summer muse, Pimtha adds a trendy turban as a hair accessory. Even with a simple black and white palette, she stands out.

A black and white palette, accented by a turban, showcases Pimtha’s unique style.

Her wardrobe consists of familiar and accessible pieces like t-shirts, blue jeans, skirts, and sneakers, making it easy for fashion enthusiasts to emulate her style.