The secret to limiting acne caused by staying up late to watch football

Staying up late is common in young people and people with sleep disorders, leading to difficulty falling asleep at night. Staying up late can lead to more acne. Please refer to the article below to know how to limit acne breakouts caused by staying up late.


1 Replenish enough water for the body

Not only before going to bed, but throughout the day, you need to replenish the amount of water needed by the body. Thus, the new skin is fully supplied with water, helping to improve the smoothness and youthfulness of the skin.

People who stay up late at night often need to drink more water . This way helps the skin eliminate toxins and prevents dehydration when you stay up late to watch football.

Bổ sung đủ nước cho cơ thể

2 Limit touching your face, especially acne spots

You should limit your hands touching your face too many times , because your hands come in contact with everything every day, which is a place for many bacteria to accumulate. Therefore, dirty hands when in contact with the skin will cause inflammation, easy to produce acne.

Moreover, touching your face often will create friction that makes irritated skin more prone to acne.

Hạn chế chạm tay lên mặt, đặc biệt là các nốt mụn

3 Clean skin and skincare before going to bed

Wash your face cleanly after work for the day and before going to bed to remove dirt and sebum secreted on the skin. If you have to stay up late until 2-3 am, you should also wash your face clean with water and apply moisturizer to your skin before sleeping.

Làm sạch da và skincare trước khi đi ngủ

4 Do not abuse coffee or stimulants

People who often stay up late will often smoke, use tea or coffee to keep their minds awake all night. However, this is the cause of the acne-prone skin the next morning.

Therefore, you need to eliminate unhealthy drinks when staying up late. When staying up late, you should replace drinks that are good for the skin such as: fresh fruit juice, warm lemon juice, filtered water, … These drinks are very good for the skin, helping the skin become soft and supple. not worry about acne but also quite easy to process, just need available fruit and one is done!

Không lạm dụng cà phê hoặc các chất chất kích thích

Or you can drink fresh milk every time you need to stay up late , which is also an effective way to keep you awake for hours without worrying about acne breakouts. In addition, fresh milk also helps you feel full and warm, without cravings at night while watching intense matches.

5 Don't eat greasy food

You will feel hungry when staying up late, but you should not eat too much fast food , because fried foods, hot spicy foods or foods containing a lot of spices are also not good for health and skin.

You should eat full before 8 o'clock and drink an extra glass of milk or eat fresh fruit before staying up late to work.

Những thực phẩm không nên ăn vào buổi tối có thể bạn chưa biết

6 Cleaning bedding

When we sleep, we often press our faces against the sheets and pillows , so dirty pillows are an ideal environment for bacteria, dust mites to nest and penetrate the skin of the face. Therefore, you should clean the bedding at least once a week , clean the mattress at least once every 6 months and absolutely do not use wet bedding to sleep.

Vệ sinh chăn ga gối nệm

7 Exercise strengthens health

Exercise for better skin. Exercise helps increase metabolism, helps blood transport more oxygen and nutrients to skin cells and helps to produce more sweat. When sweat is released from the body, impurities and cell debris are pushed out of your body.

Besides, exercise also helps you eliminate stress and limit the release of the hormone cortisol, limiting acne and inflammatory response, swelling and redness.

Tập thể dục tăng cường sức khỏe

8 Using acne medicine

If your acne flares up a lot and doesn't go away, you may want to consider adding an acne medication . Medications prescribed for acne often have anti-inflammatory effects and stop the growth of acne-causing bacteria, according to the Health & Life page. Benzoyl Peroxide , Retinoid or some antibiotics like clindamycin , erythromycin , metronidazole , sulfacetamide , tetracycline ,…

However, before using, you need to consult highly qualified people or go to a dermatology hospital for the most appropriate advice.

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Hope the above article helps you better understand about staying up late causing acne and the most effective acne treatment tips. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment.