The Ultimate Guide to Beauty: From A to Z, Korean Celebrities Are Praised for Gaining Weight

Every time a female singer gains weight, fans have the chance to marvel at the balanced, well-proportioned, and alluring beauty of the gorgeous artist.


Showbiz in Korea is always strict about appearance. Female stars lose sleep over gaining a few kilograms. This puts many idols in a state of crisis and depression due to dieting and weight loss.

However, there is one rare name that always receives support from Korean fans when she gains weight, and that is Yoona (SNSD). She used to be criticized for her skinny appearance and thin legs. Every time the singer gains weight, fans are amazed by her balanced, perfect, and charming beauty.

Loves eating pho and low-fat foods

Yoona eats anything she wants. However, instead of foods high in fat and oil, she prefers healthy dishes such as chicken breast, spring rolls, and especially pho. Yoona has revealed that pho is her favorite food. She has also learned how to cook Vietnamese dishes like hu tieu.

Despite eating a lot and gaining weight, Yoona still maintains a firm and non-excessive figure, all thanks to her smart food choices.

Daily moisturizing oil – Yoona’s beauty secret

The idol has revealed that she doesn’t pay much attention to her skincare routine and how many steps it has. However, she focuses the most on facial cleansing and moisturizing.

She usually adds 2-3 drops of moisturizing oil to her moisturizer before applying it to her face. She also gently massages her face with various serums every night before going to bed. This makes her feel comfortable. She also regularly changes face masks to suit her skin.

When she notices enlarged pores on her face, the beauty will prioritize masks with clay ingredients to deeply cleanse and tighten the pores.

Listening to music, enjoying good food, and meeting friends

Yoona revealed that she listens to music while doing her hair, makeup, or on the way to work locations. She also changes the music according to the weather or her mood.

Aside from music, Yoona values maintaining connections with friends. She often chats with friends through messaging apps and even drinks a few beers if she feels like it. Yoona believes that these simple habits help her relieve stress, maintain her youthfulness, and love life.

Getting enough sleep and minimizing touching the face

Despite being busy, Yoona always tries to close her eyes whenever possible. For her, lack of sleep not only makes the body and mind tired but also is the leading cause of premature aging.

Yoona also rarely touches her face with her hands to minimize the transfer of bacteria, sweat, and dirt from the hands to the skin, which can cause acne.

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