The Ultimate Wedding: Anh Đức Releases Stunning Full HD Photos, Capturing the Bride’s Radiant Beauty

Germany Delights Fans with Stunning Pre-Wedding Photos with Fiancée, Quỳnh Anh.


Vietnamese actor Anh Đức recently delighted his fans with a stunning wedding photo shoot with his fiancée, Quỳnh Anh, ahead of their nuptials. The actor happily shared: “Thank you for all the blessings and congratulations from friends, family, and audiences in the past few days. My fiancée and I are still floating with happiness, and it’s hard to describe our emotions. There have been many compliments and inquiries about the beautiful photos and outfits, so I’d like to share more today.” He then expressed his gratitude to several brands and partners who collaborated with him on the meaningful wedding photo shoot.

A romantic moment captured during their wedding photo shoot.

Anh Đức and his fiancée, Quỳnh Anh, in a stunning wedding photo.

In an interview with Thanh Niên newspaper, Anh Đức shared that he and his fiancée are busy preparing for their upcoming wedding. He also revealed that he had proposed to his girlfriend a few months ago but only recently shared the news with the public. According to the actor, he had some projects in the works and didn’t want his personal life to affect his professional commitments. “When I proposed, she was surprised and had a hard-to-hide expression, but she was very happy and overwhelmed with joy,” he disclosed. “I was happy in that moment, giving her the ring and receiving her yes,” the actor added. Actress Anh Phạm, rumored to be the actor’s girlfriend, also posted a status update alluding to the proposal, saying: “Congratulations on winning her over.”

While Anh Đức chose to keep his fiancée’s identity private, he did reveal that she is also an actress and that they had worked together on a film. “At the right time, I will share more about our love story and my views on marriage at this age,” he said. The couple has been dating for over a year.

Speculation about Anh Đức’s proposal to his girlfriend.

There are rumors that Anh Đức’s fiancée is Phạm Quỳnh Anh, born in 1999, 12 years his junior. The couple has kept their relationship low-key and only recently announced their wedding plans. Quỳnh Anh is an actress known for her roles in projects like Hoa hậu giang hồ and Mai… With her stunning looks, she is said to rival even beauty queens.

As for the groom-to-be, Anh Đức, whose full name is Tạ Anh Đức, was born in 1987. He is a well-known actor in Vietnam, often playing comedic supporting roles in both television and film.

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