Thuy Tien’s Weight Gain Struggles: A Remarkable Transformation with This Secret Method

The beautiful woman trains under the guidance of a coach to quickly get her body back into shape.


Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, born in 1998, stands at a height of 1.71m and was among the top 5 contestants in the Miss Vietnam 2018 pageant. At the end of 2021, she won the title of Miss International Peace 2021. To this day, Thuy Tien remains an influential beauty queen, sought after for her appearances in reality TV shows and charitable activities.

Prior to achieving her perfect figure, Thuy Tien went through a stressful period when her weight reached 58 kg. During that time, she tried various diets, but they were not suitable for her.

The beauty queen born in 1998 also admitted that there were times when she felt weak and wanted to collapse immediately. Gradually, Thuy Tien realized that the most suitable method for her was to exercise combined with maintaining a balanced diet.

Appropriate workout

Initially, the beauty worked out under the guidance of a trainer to quickly get back in shape. She chose HIIT – a high-intensity cardio exercise as her main workout. HIIT consists of a series of exercises that require the body to work at a high intensity, increasing heart rate and burning calories in a short period of time.

Thanks to its short yet effective duration, HIIT is suitable for busy individuals with limited free time. The calorie and fat-burning effects continue for a few hours after the workout.

After four months, her body became firmer, with a clearly defined waist and abdominal muscles. Additionally, she often took advantage of her spare time to do ab exercises and maintain the firmness of her waist. Currently, Thuy Tien maintains a weight of around 52 kg.

Ensuring quality sleep

Despite the possibility of weight loss due to travel and a busy schedule, Thuy Tien always tries to get enough sleep and ensure the deepest sleep possible to recharge her energy. She also maintains a positive mindset in all matters to relax her mind, avoiding unnecessary stress that could affect her health and beauty.

She always appears fresh, radiant, and makes impressive appearances on international stages, making her homeland fans extremely proud.

In every event, the beauty queen born in 1998 always maintains a radiant and professional appearance. She also impresses with various fashion styles thanks to her physical advantages.