Tie your hair with a vacuum cleaner, believe it?

Vacuum cleaners are such versatile and helpful appliances. Not only do they help keep your house clean, but you can also use them for all sorts of other things like playing jokes on friends or family members!


Perfect ponytail

Tạo kiểu tóc với máy hút bụi, nhanh và gọn Style your hair with a vacuum cleaner, fast and neat

Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? The steps are quite simple, just collect all the hair to the back of the head and then suck it into a vacuum tube with a hair tie. In a matter of seconds you will have a natural ponytail in no time. This is also a tip for fathers when they are with their lovely daughter.

An alarm clock

It doesn’t do any good to the sleeper when the clock rings loudly by immediately turning off the alarm and curling up in the blanket again. Now if using the vacuum tube of the vacuum cleaner, turn on the machine at a light or moderate level and then bring it close to the sleepy name. The wind will quickly break the sleepiness and wake up your good friend instantly.

Biện pháp mạnh cho những tín đồ “nướng” trên giường là đây A strong remedy for those who “grill” in bed is here

This is a fun game, of course, there will be no harm if you know how to adjust the wattage and take it out immediately!

Treat mischievous pets

Đây là “vũ khí” cho cún yêu khi chúng nghịch đồ của bạn This is a “weapon” for your puppy when they play with your toys

You know, dogs or crested cats, or pets in the house are quite scary. Precisely they are afraid of the strong wind blowing from the vacuum tube. Immediately put the vacuum tube close to their body, they will stand still without moving, especially when the cat or dog likes to play with personal belongings and often nibble on the carpet on the floor.

Fun gun specials for kids

Ghi nhớ ngay những bước làm súng cho lũ trẻ nhà bạn với những vật dụng đơn giản Immediately remember the steps to make guns for your kids with simple items

Step 1: Prepare the necessary items

A PVC pipe as long as you like

Roll of adhesive tape

Plastic bullets – These can be plastic toy items (color balls, water balls) that are slightly smaller than the diameter of the tube.

Step 2: Assemble the gun

Attach the top of the plastic hose and the vacuum cleaner’s hose with glue, wrapping the tape around as tight as possible.

The final step is to load the ammo and start the game in your garden. This gun can help you scare away animals that destroy plants or compete against each other, but absolutely do not use them to harm other animals!

Blowing bubbles

Muốn thật nhiều bong bóng căng hơi ư? Có ngay máy hút bụi Want lots of inflated bubbles? Have a vacuum cleaner now

This is the coolest and most handy tip for blowing bubbles in large quantities without wasting breath and effort. Plug the end of the ball into the vacuum cleaner’s hose, turning the switch on just right. You see, a bunch of balloons was inflated, quick, right?

Making jokes with the vacuum cleaner as above is quite interesting, isn’t it? These are the best tips that you will discover after cleaning the house. Get started now and let us know which tip excites you the most below!