Tips for Choosing a Lucky and Convenient Handbag for Working Women in the New Year

Let's explore how your personality matches with different colors and styles of handbags!


Metal element

In feng shui, metal represents the energy of metal and metallic objects. Women should prioritize colors such as white, beige, silver – the colors of their destiny, while also needing the support of gold and brown – the colors of the Earth element that has a harmonious relationship with metal. When choosing the right element, metal-born women will encounter a lot of luck.

According to the law of the five elements, because Fire counters Metal, colors that are compatible with Fire will not be suitable for the metal element. Therefore, the colors red and gold are considered incompatible with the metal element.

Wood element

According to feng shui, the wood element represents life and the connection between small lives to create a larger life. Wood is plants. From small to large, they are all representatives of Wood. Usually, looking at the shades of grass and plants will give people a feeling of comfort, relaxation, and peace.

Those born under the wood element should focus on shades of green (dark green, dark purple, green leaves…) and black. Black is a basic color and always the first choice for every girl when choosing a handbag and it is also the color of convergence and stability, helping oneself to have a lot of money luck.

These shades are not only compatible with the feng shui of those born under the wood element but also quite suitable for current fashion trends. It is the preference for gentleness, closeness to nature.

Water element

When we mention the water element, we still feel its softness, versatility, stability, and incredibly noisy and fierce characteristics of the water element. Therefore, soft designs with round shapes or soft details are the perfect choice.

In addition, according to feng shui, Metal creates Water. The colors compatible with Metal are white tones. So people born under the water element are also compatible with white or colors that appear to be white like silver.

Fire element

All outstanding colors like red, orange, pink… represent the Fire element, so if you belong to the Fire element, this is also the colors that can bring you prosperity, luck, and help activate energy, bring more fortune if you regularly use them.

Earth element

Those born under the Earth element want to stand out, impress in style as well as ignite enthusiasm for everything. Wood-born people can choose striking colors that have the Fire element such as: Red, pink, orange,… If you are an introverted person, like stability, softness, and harmony, then the brown tones of the Earth – the colors of the destiny.

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