Tips for Perfectly Red Lipstick without Touch-ups

Discover our top tips for achieving the perfect red lipstick shade and keeping your lip color smooth and alluring. Join us in this article to learn how to enhance the vibrancy of your red lipstick and ensure it stays flawless throughout the day!


Unlike many other colors, red lipstick is very picky about skin tone and needs to be applied correctly to achieve the right shade, making the lips stand out, the lipstick layer retains its softness, smoothness. Join us in discovering tips to apply red lipstick correctly right below!

1 Combine different lipstick shades

Combine different lipstick shadesCombine different lipstick shades

To create a red shade that is suitable for your lips, change the original lipstick color to create new, unique colors by mixing different lipsticks together. When combined, the lipstick shade can change to better match your skin tone, hair style, and preferences.

2 Outline the lips

Outline the lipsOutline the lips

When applying red lipstick, many people have overlooked the step of outlining the lips, and this is a mistake. Outlining the lips is extremely useful in keeping the lipstick in place, preventing smudging, and making the lipstick last longer. The lip outline will help shape the lips more meticulously, change the lip shape to fit the face, thereby creating the feeling of full, fresh lips, brightening the face.

3 Use a brush to apply lipstick

Use a brush to apply lipstickUse a brush to apply lipstick

Not many people have the habit of using a brush to apply lipstick because they feel that it takes more time than applying directly to the lips. However, using a brush to apply lipstick brings many benefits, especially in achieving an even red color. When using a brush to apply lipstick, you can control the amount of lipstick and the area to be applied more easily. Applying lipstick with a brush helps the lipstick layer on the lips to be evenly colored and long-lasting, effectively blurring lip lines.

4 Limit the use of lip gloss

Limit the use of lip glossLimit the use of lip gloss

When applying red lipstick, using a layer of lip gloss underneath is not necessary nor does it provide good results. Lip gloss will make the red lipstick fade faster and especially prevent the red shade from achieving the right color, easily smudging or fading, and even clumping, making it difficult to apply evenly.

5 Choose the right lipstick shade for your skin tone

Choose the right lipstick shade for your skin toneChoose the right lipstick shade for your skin tone

When choosing a red shade of lipstick to use, the first thing you need to pay attention to is choosing a red shade that matches your skin tone. In fact, red lipstick is quite picky about skin tone, choosing the right red shade will make you look prominent and attractive, while choosing the wrong shade will make your skin look dull and less vibrant.

Light red shades, shades close to the color of fruit, will be suitable for people with fair, light skin. On the other hand, shades that tend towards orange-red will be suitable for those with yellow skin tones and warm undertones.

6 Exfoliate the lips regularly

Exfoliate the lips regularlyExfoliate the lips regularly

The layer of dead skin that sticks tightly to the lips is the main factor that prevents your lips from achieving a plump, smooth state. To remove rough lips, reveal more lip lines, and dull skin tone, exfoliating the lips is an essential step to be taken.

Exfoliating your lips with simple ingredients such as and or honey combined with is both simple and easy to do at home, helping you regain pink, plump lips. When performing the exfoliation, don’t forget to moisturize your lips to soften them and prevent them from drying out.

Above are some simple tips to help apply red lipstick correctly without the need for adjustment that we want to share with you. Wish you success in applying these tips and always have plump, attractive lips!

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