Tips to Master the Bold Colorful Street Style Trend for Fall Fashionista

The runway of Loewe, Bottega Veneta... showcased the latest collection featuring gray clothing. Let's see how these famous celebrities conquer the gray color.


Gray is another basic color of the autumn-winter season alongside brown. Gray is the lightest color, bringing a classic and elegant beauty in a simple, monochrome, and clean appearance. Gray clothing is present in the new collections of Loewe, Bottega Veneta… and famous celebrities. Let’s see how they conquer the gray color.

Fan Bingbing responds to the trend of wearing gray outfits and cleverly makes herself stand out in her own way. The trendy set of the Chinese star is a combination of a 3-piece outfit including a soft long-sleeved t-shirt, a delicate skirt, and an outer blazer. She also adds a stylish hat accessory.

A sweater (a soft and warm long-sleeved top) can be used for versatile mix and match. The gray knitwear becomes an attractive focal point for the outfit while keeping the necessary warmth when the temperature drops.

An outfit in ash gray brings a gentle and confident feeling to fashion enthusiasts who can conquer this challenging color.

With three colors: gray, white, and black, fashion editor Veronika brings a comfortable, warm, and trendy outfit. The combination of different materials and the effect from this color makes minimalist fashion lovers stand out in their own way.

Mousy gray can be paired with chocolate brown as well as materials like wool, velvet, and suede. The most stylish streetwear is the one that is both fashionable and practical.

Despite her modest physique, fashionista Caroline Daur still attracts dozens of camera lenses when attending fashion shows. She shines in a shiny silver short gray dress paired with tights, high heels, and a clutch bag in her hand.

Classic trousers and shirts in gray. The neat, professional, and elegant image of a woman will be enhanced even more.

Model Sofia attends the Ralph Lauren Spring 2024 collection show at New York Fashion Week. Her outfit impresses with striped patterns on a gray background, bare shoulders with a belted peplum shape, creating a gentle and romantic look that every woman can learn from.

Frequently asked questions

Celebrities like Fan Bingbing have embraced the trend of wearing gray with a unique twist. She opts for a three-piece ensemble, comprising a soft long-sleeved t-shirt, a delicate skirt, and an outer blazer, topped off with a stylish hat. This combination adds a touch of elegance and individuality to her look.

A gray sweater is an excellent versatile piece for your wardrobe. It can be mixed and matched with various items, providing both style and warmth. Additionally, a gray outfit in ash gray exudes gentleness and confidence, showcasing a challenging color elegantly. For a trendy and minimalist look, combine different materials with gray, white, and black, as demonstrated by fashion editor Veronika.

Mousy gray pairs exceptionally well with chocolate brown, creating a fashionable and practical streetwear look. When it comes to materials, consider combining gray with wool, velvet, or suede for a stylish and cozy ensemble.

Gray is a flattering color for individuals of all body types. For instance, fashionista Caroline Daur, despite her modest physique, dazzles in a shiny silver short gray dress, tights, and high heels, attracting the attention of photographers at fashion shows. Gray classic trousers and shirts also create a neat, professional, and elegant image for women.

At New York Fashion Week, model Sofia attended the Ralph Lauren Spring 2024 collection show, wearing a striking outfit. Her ensemble featured striped patterns on a gray background, bare shoulders, and a belted peplum shape, exuding gentleness and romance, and serving as a style inspiration for women everywhere.
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