Transform your workout gear into everyday athleisure with a sporty and stylish twist

You can definitely learn to enhance your personality style this summer.


Athleisure is a familiar style of many celebrities. It is a sporty outfit with form-fitting crop tops, biker shorts, sneakers, or baseball caps, full of personality and style. Previously, this style was limited to the gym, but now it has spread to the daily street style of famous beauties. You can totally learn and incorporate it to enhance your own personal style.

This eye-catching set of sportswear co-ords in the dominant purple color is definitely an item that shouldn’t be overlooked. This combo not only helps ladies feel comfortable in outdoor sports activities but also makes them look cool, sexy, and full of character.

Don’t hide your belly or stick with shapeless “baggy” dresses that make you look dull. Modern moms can confidently try the Athleisure style with a cotton t-shirt, Bermuda shorts, and a baseball cap like this girl.

You can also apply this style to the office by combining long leggings with a black t-shirt and a matching blazer for a sleek and trendy look.

Items like soccer shorts, striped shirts, and comfortable Velcro sandals… are the top priorities for a summer style.

Cropped leggings and sports bras are loved by fashion-forward ladies. No longer feeling revealing or inappropriate as before, these two items are now designed to be safer and easier to wear.

Athleisure is also suitable for elegant ladies by combining a striped halter top with a tennis skirt and ballet flats or sneakers.

A headband helps fix your hair, keeping it tidy during workouts. At the same time, it’s also a very worth item to have if you pursue this style because it’s quite trendy and dynamic.

You should pay attention to choosing the right materials, designs, and colors. The best combination is to choose items that have the same color tone.

Athleisure style is often worn by famous It Girls during exercise and even on the streets. This “2 in 1” outfit combo is no longer unfamiliar to ladies. You can pair an oversized shirt with a mini box skirt and sneakers.

Athleisure style with crop tops, leggings, and sneakers is loved by It Girls and fashion enthusiasts, and you can also copy it. This style helps ladies enhance their athletic yet free-spirited and extremely charming appearance.

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