Treat acne quickly with ingredients available at home

Acne appearing on the face makes you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable when meeting and interacting with people. Don't worry, with only ingredients available at home, you can take advantage of them to treat acne effectively.


Aspirin medicine

The use of aspirin is anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, so it will help your acne reduce swelling and redness. Crush an aspirin tablet, dissolve it in water, and then apply it to your face overnight.

Aspirin giúp giảm viêm, giảm đau cho mụn
Aspirin helps reduce inflammation, and relieve pain from acne


Instead of washing your face with plain water, you should dissolve salt to form a saltwater solution to wash your face. Salt has a very good antiseptic effect that makes acne less red and swollen. If acne on your face appears a lot, you should dilute the salt water solution for better results. After washing your face with salt water, remember to rinse with cold water to help close pores.

Muối có khả năng sát khuẩn giúp mụn bớt sưng đỏ
Salt has an antibacterial ability to help reduce redness and swelling

Fragrance-free mouthwash

Flavored mouthwashes such as mint, vanilla, etc. will make your facial skin irritated. You should use an unscented mouthwash to apply on the acne to help disinfect effectively.

Dùng nước súc miệng không hương liệu để sát trùng mụn
Use fragrance-free mouthwash to disinfect acne


You can use lemon juice or a solution of lemon juice and honey to apply on your face for 10-15 minutes, doing so twice a week will make the dark spots disappear. However, lemon juice can also make your skin more susceptible to sunburn, so you need to limit going out in the sun.

Nướt cốt chanh sẽ giúp loại bỏ các vết thâm vùng da
Lemon juice will help remove dark spots on the skin


Use a cloth wrapped in ice and roll it on your face for a few minutes to help reduce redness and swelling. You can also use a spoon to put it in, wait for it to appear as a layer of snow on the surface, then apply it to the acne.

Chườm đá lên mặt để giảm sưng
Apply ice to your face to reduce swelling

Eye drops

If you have an urgent business and want the acne to shrink quickly, you should use eye drops to apply to the acne. The eye drops will reduce the acne within a few hours without irritating the skin.

Thuốc nhỏ mắt
Eye drops to reduce acne quickly


You can also cut ginger into thin slices, mix it in water and use this water to apply to your face. Ginger will help reduce pain and swelling, and is very effective against bacteria. You can also use ginger juice daily to wash your face to help purify the skin.

Dùng nước gừng rửa mặt để thanh lọc da
Use ginger water to wash your face to purify the skin

Treating acne is not difficult nor does it have to be expensive. Just knowing a few “medicines” available at home, you can also effectively fight acne.