Trending Workwear Outfits Embraced by Fashionable Celebrities for Both Events and Everyday Life

The office core outfit still maintains a fresh and distinctive look, without age limitations. Every woman can conquer this style by diligently wearing the following items.


Office core is a fashion trend that has been popular since last year and shows no signs of cooling down this year. Inspired by the dressing style of office workers, the office core trend is characterized by elegance and sophistication. However, it can still be worn for casual occasions. Many famous celebrities have chosen the office core style when attending formal events or fashion shows. Office core outfits are still fresh and stylish, and they are not limited by age, so anyone can conquer this style by regularly wearing the following items.

Long trench coat

A long trench coat can create great office core outfits. The easiest to mix and match is a long trench coat in neutral colors such as black, gray, or beige. Combine the long trench coat with a high-necked shirt, a button-up shirt, or a sweater, and complete the outfit with wide-leg pants to achieve a slimming effect.

Dress pants

Dress pants are the most suitable type of trousers for the office core style as they make the outfit more standout and cool. The most recommended dress pants are gray ones, which are youthful, trendy, and at the same time, sophisticated and attractive. Complete the dress pants with classic shoes such as high-heeled boots, pointed shoes, loafers, or minimalist ballet flats to create office core outfits.


Blazers are both elegant and stylish, and they are a basic item that anyone can wear. They are considered the symbol of office fashion, so it’s not surprising that this jacket type is present in office core outfits. You can prioritize black, beige, gray, or white blazers. However, don’t hesitate to refresh your style with pastel-colored blazers or blazers with striped or checkered patterns. This way, you can create outstanding and eye-catching outfits while still maintaining a sense of elegance.

Pencil skirt

You should add a pencil skirt to your wardrobe. This type of skirt brings elegance and neatness to the wearer. You can mix it with light-colored sweaters, pastel-colored button-up shirts, or cardigans. The overall office core outfit will look more luxurious and attractive if you accessorize it with black tights or colorful tights that are guaranteed to be stylish.

Button-up shirts

Button-up shirts are always a basic fashion item in the wardrobe, and you can use them to create office core outfits that are suitable for casual outings, especially white button-up shirts. When combining this shirt with gray dress pants, wide-leg jeans, or maxi skirts, the wearer can easily achieve a sophisticated look. In addition, striped button-up shirts or pastel-colored button-up shirts will help you complete trendy and beautiful office core outfits.

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