Unique Style Created by Tassel Accents for Your Outfit

Throughout the history of fashion, there have been numerous instances where individuals have transformed their style simply by incorporating some delicate embellishments into their garments.


The Native American outfits are the inspiration for incorporating fringe into fashion. Fringe carries meanings and inspiration for freedom, sensuality, and strength. Many famous fashion brands have also used fringe in their designs, not only in clothing but also on handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

Fringe reminds us of the attire of adventurers. Fringe helps keep warm, protect against water, and adorn, and it also has religious significance. In the 19th century, Native Americans often wore fringed garments. Depending on the tribe, region, and different occasions, there would be different types of fringe. For example, everyday clothing would have simple fringe, but in ceremonies or the clothing of chiefs, fringe would be dyed or adorned with stones, shells, or snail shells to create a rhythmic sound when dancing.

According to many archaeological documents, fringe dates back a long time, around 3000 BC and was used by all classes. The wealthy used fringe in many styles.

When dye was available, fringe became more complex and diverse. Later, fringe was woven separately from the main part of the clothing, rather than simply cutting from the excess.

Fringe carries a sense of freedom and sensuality, hence it has appeared in fashion many times. Fringe is also a powerful helper that makes the Charleston dance of girls become graceful. Many fringe dresses are chosen by movie stars. Later, fringe was elevated to new heights through handcrafting and embroidered with glittering materials.

In the 1950s, fringe returned with rock, creating a rebellious style. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the famous fringe jackets of Elvis Presley. Actress Rita Hayworth also favored fringe. On stage, fringe was attached to shoulders, on sleeves, flying with the shaking movements of the performers. Also from that milestone, fringe is often associated with bohemian, gypsy, or hippie styles, symbolizing freedom and openness. And also for this reason, when rock music and hippie declined, fringe once again receded to make way for other styles.

In the 1990s, fringe became a fashion icon along with Jean Paul Gaultier’s fringe sunglasses. From 2010 to 2015, fringe appeared in many accessories and decorations. In 2022-2023, fringe re-emerged on jackets.

Tips for choosing fringe fashion: You should choose one fringe detail as a focal point, and keep other accessories minimal. In the case of wearing colorful attire like Native Americans, you can use fringe earrings, shoes with fringe to match the fringe dress.

You can create fringe yourself by sewing or adding it to your clothes, handbags, and accessories.