Unique trick to reuse expired cosmetics

Usually, girls spend a lot of money on cosmetics, and sometimes you don't notice that they have expired and can't be used for makeup anymore. But if you know how to be creative, you can use it for other things as well. Let's take a look at the unique ways to reuse expired cosmetics.


Rose water

In rose water, there is certain alcohol content, and this alcohol can be used to clean the house as cleaning glass doors, cleaning mirrors, tables, and chairs … are very effective. Instead of buying detergent, you can use it to clean the outside of your car, especially your windows.

Nước hoa hồng có thể dùng để lau bàn, ghế
Rose water can be used to clean tables and chairs

nail polish

In nail polish there is glue, so you can use it to fix or glue small details. In addition, because it is nail polish, it will have a beautiful shine and color, you can use it to repaint your small items to make them more beautiful.

Bạn có thể dùng sơn móng tay để sơn lên các vật dụng nhỏ
You can use nail polish to paint on small objects


The lotion has the effect of stimulating long nails faster and creating shine, which is very suitable for women. You just need to use a small cotton pad, dip it in lotion and apply it on your nails, let it sit for about 15 minutes, then wipe it off. For hair, you do the same but only need about 10 minutes is enough. This makes the hair shinier. However, do not let the lotion touch the scalp as it can cause itching.

Sữa dưỡng da góp phần cho tóc óng mượt
Skin milk contributes to shiny hair


Mascara is a makeup item that women use often. But when it becomes dry and unusable, you should not rush to throw it away. You can use makeup remover to soften the mascara and use it to brush your eyebrows and eyelashes when applying makeup.

Tái sử dụng mascara để chải lông mi
Reuse mascara to brush eyelashes


Expired perfume bottles cannot be used for the body, you can use them to deodorize the toilet, bathroom, or wardrobe. In addition, you can also use perfume to clean the lights in the house, both clean and fragrant.

Tận dụng nước hoa để khử mùi trong phòng
Use perfume to deodorize the room


Lipstick also works very well in cleaning silver items. Apply lipstick to a damp cloth, then use it to wipe the surface. Finally, you just need to wipe it again and the silver will be clean.

Son môi giúp đồ bạc sạch bóng
Lipstick helps keep silverware clean


You can still use shampoo as a detergent when washing clothes. Adding shampoo will work best on woolen clothes. In addition, it also works well in removing stains, and yellow stains on collars, pillows, and hats.

Bạn có thể dùng dầu gội như bột giặt
You can use shampoo as washing powder

Cosmetics are expensive products, and taking advantage of them makes you save more out of your pocket. Please share more unique tricks you have used to effectively take advantage of expired cosmetics, friends!