Unique trick to treat hair loss

Do not assume that hair loss is not dangerous, because if this situation persists and tends to increase the amount of hair loss, you will risk not growing your hair back, which is extremely dangerous for your beauty in the future. . So what is the cure for you?


Cutting, straightening, and dyeing is all causes of hair loss and make it worse in some people. In addition to using shampoos that are heavily advertised in the media or drugs specifically for hair loss. In folklore, there are many extremely effective remedies that not only help you treat hair loss but also help your hair grow stronger every day.

Neem pot leaves (squid grass)

By taking a pinch of neem leaves, boiled and then cooled, using this water to wash your hair regularly will help prevent hair loss. You can put this water in a sealed jar, and store it in the refrigerator for repeated use.

Nước nhọ nồi là bài thuốc dân gian hiệu nghiệm
Soup water is an effective folk remedy

Eucalyptus leaves

Use fresh eucalyptus leaves to boil water to wash your hair daily, they will have a very good anti-hair loss effect. In particular, this type of water also helps treat premature graying hair extremely effectively.

Lá bạch đàn còn giúp chữa chứng tóc bạc sớm
Eucalyptus leaves also help cure premature graying of hair

White mulberry bark

Take 400g of white mulberry shell, also known as tang white skin (available in many Oriental medicine stores), put it in a pot to cook, and then wash your hair regularly to prevent hair loss, and hair loss will grow. a new layer of hair quickly.

Fresh ginger

For scalp with fungus, or scabies, hair often can not grow anymore. However, if you regularly pound fresh ginger juice on that place, it will help your hair grow back in the long run.

Dễ dàng có được gừng giã nhuyễn tại nhà
Easy to get crushed ginger at home

Peanuts (groundnut)

In case of hair loss, the place of loss will not grow. Take a handful of mulberry leaves, a handful of cypress leaves, and 100g of raw peanuts or sesame seeds into a mortar and pound, then put in and add lots of ice. When the ice melts, you can use this water to wash your hair. Applying this method continuously for a week will have unexpected results.

Gội đầu với hỗn hợp đậu phộng giúp mọc tóc
Shampooing with peanut mixture helps hair growth


Add 100 – 150g of salt to about half a bowl of warm water, and stir to dissolve. You soak your hair in this water, and use your hands to gently massage your hair for a few minutes. Then wash with a good hair conditioner and rinse several times with clean water. Do it 2 to 3 times a week to see noticeable results.

Muối ăn cũng đem lại hiệu quả cho chứng rụng tóc
Table salt is also effective for hair loss


Take fresh garlic peeled, pound it finely and apply it to the hair loss area, leave it for about 2 hours and then wash it thoroughly. You do it continuously once a day, after a week then stop. After 10 days, if you don’t see results, do it again and you will see your hair grow back.

Tỏi giã nhuyễn sẽ giúp tóc mọc trở lại nhanh
Crushed garlic will help hair grow back quickly

Depending on the conditions of each person, you can choose for yourself the most appropriate way in the above ways to cure yourself of hair loss and bring beauty to your hair as you desire. Do you want hair loss to stop clinging to you? Please share this with us in the comments section below.