Unveiled: 10 Best Hair Color Products Perfect for DIY Color Change

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Are you looking to dye your hair but hesitant to go to a hair salon due to the time and cost involved? We would like to introduce you to the latest home hair dye products that allow you to express your personality.

1Goldwell Hair Dye

Goldwell hair dye is a renowned brand in the hair care industry, known for its cutting-edge technology and high-quality hair dye products. It offers several advantages:

Goldwell Hair Dye

– It is a premium product line that produces vibrant, long-lasting hair colors.

– It contains nourishing ingredients that promote healthy and shiny hair.

Goldwell hair dye does not contain ammonia, which eliminates the strong odor often associated with hair dyeing. This ensures a more comfortable experience during and after the process. The cream hair dye is particularly suitable for long or thick hair, but caution should be exercised when using it for the first time to avoid contact with the eyes.

Price: Ranges from 200,000 to 300,000 Vietnamese dong

2Davines Hair Dye

Davines Hair Dye

Davines hair dye, originating from Italy, is another premium product line known for its excellent quality. Its main advantages include:

– It is enriched with natural ingredients that nourish the hair, making it more resistant to tangling, fragility, and hair loss. Davines hair dye has exceptional color retention properties, ensuring long-lasting and vibrant color even after shampooing.

The range of colors offered by Davines tends to be more natural shades like black and brown, making it ideal for gray hair coverage.

Price: Ranges from 230,000 to 260,000 Vietnamese dong

3L’Oreal Excellence Creme Hair Dye

L’Oreal, a renowned hair care brand from France, offers the L’Oreal Excellence Creme hair dye product line, which is loved by many for the following reasons:

L'Oreal Excellence Creme Hair Dye

– It offers a color chart with 38 different colors, catering to various hairstyles and preferences.

– It contains nourishing ingredients that promote shiny and strong hair, while reducing damage caused by dyeing.

L’Oreal Excellence Creme hair dye provides even and quick dyeing, with color lasting up to 3 months. It is ammonia-free and reasonably priced.

Price: Approximately 126,000 Vietnamese dong per 172ml bottle

4Revlon Colorsilk 3D Hair Dye

Revlon Colorsilk 3D hair dye is a reliable choice that offers both desired hair color and nourishment. Its key advantages include:

Revlon Colorsilk 3D Hair Dye

– It offers a color chart with 30 different colors, primarily focused on natural shades like black, brown, and chocolate.

– Its liquid texture makes it easy to apply, especially along the hairline.

– It provides beautiful and long-lasting color.

– It contains ingredients that strengthen the hair and prevent breakage.

Price: Approximately 100,000 Vietnamese dong per box

5Bigen Hair Dye

Bigen Hair Dye

Bigen hair dye, hailing from Japan, offers a satisfying experience for users around the world. Its advantage lies in the use of natural herbal extracts that nourish the hair, ensuring maximum safety. The product offers a wide range of colors suitable for East Asian skin tones, with brown shades particularly prominent.

Price: Approximately 220,000 Vietnamese dong per 80ml bottle


6Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Dye

Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Dye

This cream hair dye from South Korea is perfect for those who love unique colors. The bubble texture makes application fast and simple, resembling normal hair shampooing. Even first-time users will find it easy to use. The product offers youthful colors such as chocolate brown, khaki brown, wine red, orange, and natural brown.

Price: Approximately 350,000 Vietnamese dong per 60ml bottle.

73CE Treatment Hair Tint

3CE Treatment Hair Tint

3CE Treatment Hair Tint, a popular hair dye product from South Korea, offers 5 outstanding colors: brown, orange, brown pink, chocolate brown, baby pink, and smoky gray. The dye can retain color on the hair for 7 days, making it suitable for those who frequently change their hair color.

Price: Approximately 180,000 Vietnamese dong per 50ml tube

8Kao Liese Prettia Creamy Bubble Color Hair Dye

Kao Liese Prettia Creamy Bubble Color Hair Dye

For those who prefer ashy color tones, Kao Liese Prettia Creamy Bubble Color Hair Dye offers a bubble hair dye that comes in 19 different colors, with ashy shades being the most prominent. The liquid bubble texture makes it easy to apply, and the product has a pleasant fragrance and nourishing ingredients that leave the hair smooth and shiny.

Price: Approximately 350,000 Vietnamese dong

9Olea Color Italy Hair Dye

Olea Color Italy Hair Dye

Olea Color Italy hair dye is enriched with natural herbal extracts, including green tea flower essence, sunflower essence, and more. It offers a variety of beautiful colors, including rare options such as pearl glow and beige. The product is ammonia-free, ensuring safety during use.

Price: Approximately 129,000 Vietnamese dong per 60ml bottle

10Ogatic Hair Dye Powder

Ogatic Hair Dye Powder

Ogatic Hair Dye Powder is a high-quality Vietnamese brand that utilizes natural ingredients from Vietnam, ensuring safety and suitability for oily skin. It offers a range of youthful colors, including black, brown, red-brown, and black-green. The color lasts well on the hair, and the product has a pleasant herbal scent.

Price: Ranges from 150,000 Vietnamese dong per 1 dye package.

The above compilation features 10 popular hair dye products available today. We hope that this information helps you choose the desired hair dye and achieve your favorite hair colors with success.