Using pomelo flowers to steam your face helps to soften and whiten your skin unexpectedly

Grapefruit flower is a flower that has both a pure look and great skin care benefits. So did you know grapefruit flowers are good for sauna use? Discover these amazing uses now!


Every spring and summer, we feel the faint scent of grapefruit flowers. Grapefruit flower essence contains ingredients that are very beneficial to the skin, helping to protect and beautify the skin. For that reason, many women have taken advantage of pomelo flowers to steam their faces. Let's explore this wonderful use with Bach Hoa Xanh and guide how to use grapefruit flower to steam your face in detail through the following article!

first Skin care benefits when steaming with grapefruit flowers

Grapefruit flower is a flower that has a lot of valuable nutrients such as pectin, digestive enzymes peroxidase, naringin and amylase, and,… These are all beneficial nutrients for human health.

Công dụng tuyệt vời khi dùng hoa bưởi để xông mặt. Great use when using grapefruit flowers to steam the face.

Sauna is a traditional method often used by people for the purpose of relieving colds, reducing stress, improving blood circulation and stimulating the immune system in the body. In particular, steaming the skin can remove dirt and toxins from the skin very effectively.

The combination of steaming with grapefruit flowers in the skin increases the effectiveness of this method. Steaming with pomelo flowers helps to eliminate toxins and dirt from deep inside the skin to the outside of the body through sweat to help the surface of the skin to be more open and clean.

Moreover, using grapefruit flowers for persistent steaming helps the nutrients from grapefruit flowers to enter the skin epidermis. These nutrients help to destroy dead cells and stimulate the production of new skin cells. From there, your skin will be healthy, soft and surprisingly white after many uses.

2 How to steam skin with grapefruit flower


  • 200g grapefruit flower
  • 500 ml of water
  • Tools needed: or pots; ; headscarf when steaming

Good tip:
– You can use fresh or dried grapefruit flowers. However, fresh grapefruit flowers are more fragrant and easily secrete more nutrients.
– Grapefruit flowers in season are easy to buy. You can buy pomelo flowers at small markets, supermarkets or Northern drugstores.
– Use or heat-insulated pots to keep the heat longer during the steaming process.

Nguyên liệu và dụng cụ. Materials and tools.


Step 1 Thoroughly wash the pomelo flowers and then boil the pomelo flowers with 500ml of clean water for 5 minutes so that the essence in the pomelo flowers comes out.

Step 2 After boiling, pour it into the pot and wait for about 3-5 minutes to cool down the hot water, then you have the mixture for the steaming process.

Cách làm hoa bưởi để xông hơi. How to make pomelo flowers for sauna.


Step 1 and dry your face so that the steaming process achieves the best effect.

Step 2 Put your face away from the bowl and pot containing boiled pomelo flowers about 25-30 cm, cover with a thick towel.

Step 3 Perform facial steam for 15 minutes and then use a soft towel to dry the sweat secreted on the face.

Step 4 Rest for about 15 minutes to close the pores and then rinse with cold water.

Xông mặt với hoa bưởi trong 15 phút. Steam your face with grapefruit flowers for 15 minutes.

Good tip:
To save time, you can use pomelo flowers gradually. Add 3-5 drops of grapefruit flower to 500ml of boiling water and use the same
– You can use a steamer, which radiates hot mist properties on your face to replace bowls and pots.
– Do not do it every day because exposure to heat too often can damage your skin.
– Persistently use grapefruit flower to steam face 1-2 times / week to be able to achieve the best effect. After 2 weeks of persistent use, you can clearly see its unexpected effects. Be persistent in doing it for a smooth and bright skin!

Above are useful information about the uses and detailed instructions on how to make pomelo flowers for steaming that Bach Hoa Xanh shares with you. Wish you soon have a healthy, smooth white skin.

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