Vietnamese beauties suggest how to dress in cool red to refresh your style on chilly days

Discover the latest fashionable red outfit ideas to elevate your style. Pin down these trendy looks to make a bold fashion statement.


Red is one of the standout fashion trends for the cold season of 2023. It brings both prominence and elegance to the wearer. Red outfits are also very suitable for the end-of-year holidays and Tet. Pin these stylish red outfit ideas to make a breakthrough in your style. And among them is the style of Vietnamese beauties.


Thanh Hang wears a round neck jacket, white shirt, black jeans, bringing elegance and sophistication. Pham Thanh Hang enhances the outfit with a pair of bow sandals.


Miss Universe Luong Thuy Linh is full of energy in a red T-shirt and dark jeans. To balance the outfit, she cleverly accents it with a white handbag.


Yen Trang captivates with elegant fashion items such as long coats, wide-legged trousers, turtleneck tops, and pointed high heels. Yen Trang’s outfit idea also helps the wearer have an eye-catching “instagrammable” look.


Miss Earth Phuong Khanh achieves a feminine and classic look in a patterned dress. Phuong Khanh also suggests the perfect red lipstick to enhance her beauty.


This outfit combination is very suitable for festive occasions. To optimize the slimming effect, Miss Universe Phuong Khanh completes the outfit with a pair of mules.


Yen Trang wears a flowing maxi skirt that can “drown” the figure, and Yen Trang’s trick is to turn a T-shirt into a crop top to effectively “cheat” height.


Luong Thuy Linh wears an outfit consisting of a round neck jacket and a red skirt, adorned with pearls, bringing a graceful, elegant, yet youthful look. Jewelry such as earrings and gold bracelets adds shimmer to the outfit.


Add a red scarf and a red handbag with neutral-colored outfits like Lương Thùy Linh’s, and you will have a very standout, stylish outfit.


Yen Nhi cleverly combines a red T-shirt with a plaid skirt, adding a black blazer to create a standout outfit that still harmonizes and looks sophisticated. A pearl necklace plays a role in elevating the overall outfit.


Don’t overlook the outfit formula of a red checked shirt paired with black jeans. Despite being very eye-catching, Khả Ngân’s outfit still maintains harmony and trendiness.

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