Warm, youthful, and elegant knitted dress for the cold season

In winter, the cozy sweaters bring warmth to those around, perfect to wear in freezing weather. This style of dress has a youthful and sweet charm, yet still elegant.


Why wait any longer without “bringing” a few sweater dress patterns to your wardrobe this season to always score a stylish point in many occasions like year-end parties, New Year visits or spring trips.

1. Turtleneck sweater dress

Turtleneck sweater dress is an ideal choice for cold days. High boots are the perfect type of shoes to pair with this item. A loose fit is also a way to effectively conceal your waistline.

2. Sweater and skirt set

Sweater skirts are not only warm but also very versatile in mix and match, whether paired with flats or bring a feminine and stylish look to the wearer.

Sweater skirts with various colors help women easily combine with many types of outfits such as sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, trench coats, vests… creating youthful, free-spirited, and dynamic outfits.

3. Sweater dress with short sleeves paired with white sneakers

This outfit is very dynamic and youthful. A slightly fitted dress also helps to accentuate the figure and enhance the femininity of the wearer.

4. Long body-hugging sweater dress

For those who have a hot and sexy body, try a body-hugging sweater dress! The special feature of the sweater material lies in its superior stretchiness.

5. Trendy short sweater dress

Short dress designs always make women look youthful and more dynamic. Don’t be afraid of the cold when wearing a short sweater dress, just add a coat and boots and you’re warm enough to go out.

6. Midi pleated sweater dress

Pleated dresses are suitable for various body types, so feel free to wear them comfortably without worrying about any flaws on your body.

7. Sleeveless sweater dress paired with a cardigan

A cardigan sweater paired with a sleeveless sweater dress is the perfect combination for bringing a polite and elegant appearance to women.

8. Matching sweater set

Pleated sweater dress combined with a thin cardigan is youthful but still harmonious and elegant.

A cropped top, a pleated skirt, and a thin cardigan jacket help you dress beautifully in an instant without thinking much about color coordination. In addition, this outfit also “cheats” the height effectively.

9. Vibrant pink sweater dress

This design brings a youthful and sweet look to your appearance. A slim belt is just a small accessory but has the effect of creating a neat and optimal silhouette. The overall outfit becomes more trendy with high boots.