Why use a face wash on acne? How to fix acne when using a face wash machine

A face wash is a device that helps remove dirt and excess oil that cannot be removed by hand washing. However, there are a few cases when using a face wash machine, the skin on the face gets acne. Let's find out why using a face wash on acne and how to fix it!


1 Reason for using a face wash to get acne

Using the washing machine incorrectly

The washing machine works on the principle of sound waves, so when using it, you must move the machine from bottom to top, from inside to outside. Avoid moving in a circle so as not to affect the skin structure.

On the other hand, facial cleansers do not have the effect of removing makeup, so please remove makeup before use to avoid clogging pores and causing acne.

Nên sử dụng máy rửa mặt theo hướng từ dưới lên trên và từ trong ra ngoài để tránh ảnh hưởng cấu trúc da, gây ra mụn[

It is recommended to use the face wash machine in the direction from bottom to top and from inside to outside to avoid affecting the skin structure and causing acne.

Using the machine is not suitable for skin characteristics

Each line of face washes will be suitable for different skin types such as:

  • Acne, sensitive skin: Prioritize choosing a machine with a soft brush head, with a slight vibration and with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial so that the facial skin is deeply cleaned, avoiding irritation to the skin.
  • Oily, combination skin: Prioritize choosing a machine with a large vibration, the brush head is not too soft and allows excess oil and dirt to be sucked out easily, avoiding clogging pores.
  • Dry skin: Prioritize choosing a machine with a soft brush head, to stimulate the dermis muscle group, and tighten muscle tissue, thereby limiting skin aging.

Therefore, please check your skin type and skin condition to find out the most suitable model!

Dùng máy rửa mặt không phù hợp sẽ gây mụn cho da

Using an inappropriate face wash will cause acne on the skin

The washing machine is not clean

The surface of the machine after use will still be left with dirt and foam that you have not cleaned thoroughly. Besides, the machine is also left in the bathroom which is quite humid, and easy for bacteria to multiply and grow. From there, bacteria will indirectly contact the skin, causing acne.

So when finished using, you should wash the surface thoroughly, blot dry, and store it in a cool place to avoid causing acne as well as increase the durability of the machine.

Máy rửa mặt không được vệ sinh sạch sẽ dễ gây mụn cho da

The washing machine is not clean, easy to cause acne on the skin

2 How to fix acne when using a face wash machine

For those who use it for the first time, the skin will not be used to the vibration frequency of the device, so it will be easily irritated and red. However, this situation will improve when you are used to using a face wash to clean your skin every day.

If you have used the device for a long time and still have acne on your face, please review whether the machine is suitable for your skin, whether the cleanser is suitable for your skin, and whether the way you use the device is correct or not!

Nếu máy rửa mặt bạn đang dùng khiến da lên mụn, hãy kiểm tra lại dòng máy, sữa rửa mặt và cách sử dụng

If the washing machine you are using causes acne, please check the model, cleanser, and usage

3 Misunderstandings about washing machines

The facial washing machine causes irritation and acne to the skin

Facial skin can appear hidden acne, blackheads or excess oil, and dirt that we have not washed off. So when used, the face wash machine sheds dead cells to help the acne nucleus be pushed up, so many people mistakenly think that the machine causes irritation and acne.

Therefore, you should wash for another 2-3 weeks to let your facial skin get used to the vibration frequency, and the deep cleaning mechanism of the machine. If this condition still does not decrease, you should temporarily stop using it and find out if the cause is due to the inappropriate machine, cleanser, or usage.

Máy rửa mặt không gây kích ứng và mọc mụn cho da nếu sử dụng đúng cách

The face wash does not cause irritation and acne to the skin if used correctly

A washing machine is not for sensitive skin

A facial washing machine does not affect sensitive skin if you choose the right machine for your skin condition and frequency of use.

You should choose a specialized machine for sensitive skin combined with a suitable cleanser for your skin.

Initially, wash your face with the machine 1-2 times a week to allow the skin to adapt. Then gradually increase to 3-4 times/week, at the same time move the machine gently when washing your face to avoid skin damage.

Da nhạy cảm vẫn có thể sử dụng máy rửa mặt làm sạch sâu cho da

Sensitive skin can still use a face wash to deep clean the skin

The washing machine causes bacteria to spread around the face

This will happen if the brush head of the machine is not cleaned thoroughly. After use, you should wash it with soap and soak the washing head in warm water for about 5 minutes to remove dirt and bacteria. To wash your head correctly, do the following:

Step 1: Rinse the brush head with water to wash away the old soap bubbles and wash away any remaining dirt.

Step 2: Use soap to gently rub the brush head, creating foam.

Step 3: Use your hands to rub the brush head clockwise for 1 minute, rinse and repeat step 3 1 more time.

You should sterilize the face wash machine once a week by soaking the brush head with a dilute alcohol solution for 1 minute, not rinse with water, and let it dry naturally.

Hạn chế vi khuẩn phát tán bằng cách vệ sinh máy cẩn thận và không dùng chung máy rửa mặt

Limit the spread of bacteria by carefully cleaning the machine and not sharing the washing machine

Washing machines can exfoliate too much, which is counterproductive

The use of the face wash is too deep clean, remove sebum, and dirt and gently exfoliate the skin. Depending on your skin condition, adjust the frequency of use accordingly, and control the level of exfoliation to avoid overuse, affecting the skin.

Suggested frequency of using a face wash for each skin type:

  • Dry, sensitive skin: 1-2 times a week.
  • Oily, combination skin: up to 1 time/day.

Lạm dụng máy rửa mặt da sẽ khô, nổi mẩn đỏ và ngứa

Using a face wash machine will dry, redden, and itchy skin

Washing machines are not suitable for people with acne

Acne is formed from sebum that accumulates for a long time, causing clogged pores to cause acne. The face wash machine has a deep cleansing effect, removing sebum and excess oil that traditional face washes cannot do. Therefore, people with acne can still use face wash.

However, if you have cystic acne, treat it to reduce acne, and then use a face wash to take care of your skin more thoroughly. Because this type of acne is quite sensitive, using a face wash will irritate acne follicles, making it easier for bacteria to penetrate and wreak havoc on the skin.

Dựa vào tình trạng mụn trứng cá để cân nhắc sử dụng máy rửa mặt hợp lý

Based on the acne condition consider using a reasonable face wash

Skin type doesn’t matter

Using a face wash is effective or not depending on your skin type. Skin type will help you choose the right head, adjust the frequency and choose the right cleanser. From there, you can choose the right type of washing machine and increase its efficiency.

Xác định loại da giúp bạn lựa chọn được máy rửa mặt phù hợp

Determining your skin type helps you choose the right face wash

A face wash is an essential and important device in daily skin care. Hope the above article provides useful information and helps your skincare process more effectively.