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Understanding the benefits that turmeric powder brings to health, many people have been racing to hunt for this product to drink and use every day. However, if you do not pay attention to drinking turmeric powder properly, it is easy to cause unpredictable consequences. Let's go to the kitchen now!
A fish with a strange name in the West is priced at 400,000 VND / kg that everyone hunts. Let's learn about this fish with Bach Hoa XANH.
Have you ever wondered, why does the seller tie big, hydrated ropes to sea crabs, does buying such crabs make a loss? Let's find out with Bach Hoa XANH!
Making delicious casseroles, rich in flavor and keeping high nutrients in food, do you know how to do it? Check out the secret to making super delicious casserole with the pressure cooker right here.
The juicer makes fruit more delicious, giving users a different feeling when enjoying fruit. Currently, there are many types of juicers available for sale. And to choose a satisfactory machine, let Dien May XANH suggest you some tips to choose!
The Mid-Autumn Festival tray cannot be complete without beautiful pruned fruits, creating cute and funny animals for children to break the feast on the full moon day.
Snails are a dish that has many ways of processing that many people love, including kitchen snails, a famous specialty of the southern countryside, everyone loves to eat.
French fries are a familiar and attractive snack, but if left for too long, the potatoes will lose their deliciousness, improper reheating will not improve the situation. Let the GREEN Dien May in the kitchen tell you how to refresh the old dish of fries with more deliciousness!
Foods such as meat or fish are very susceptible to change over time, easily decomposed and cause unpleasant odors. However, many people cannot process it while it is fresh. Today, Dien May Xanh will guide you with some simple steps to eliminate food odors in the refrigerator!
Microwave is an effective kitchen tool for many housewives. Some ovens also have a grill feature. Today, Dien May XANH will go to the kitchen and guide you to use the microwave oven's baking feature.

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