10 simple tips to surprise you in the kitchen

The smell of onions and garlic can't be eliminated, boiled eggs or cracked shells, cooked or salty soup... are problems that will be solved quickly with the following kitchen tips.


Cooking is not a simple job as people think, very small and trivial things in the kitchen sometimes make you do not know how to disassemble. Understanding the concerns of modern housewives, DienmayXANH.com will bring you 10 extremely simple tips to make your kitchen work more interesting.

Deodorize onions on hands

Hành tỏi là những gia vị rất hay ám mùi trên tay
Onions and garlic are very good spices to smell on your hands

Onion is a spice that we use every day to add flavor to soups, stews… however, when preliminarily processed, onions will smell on your hands and this smell is quite unpleasant. To wash smelly hands after chopping onions, just rub your hands on a stainless steel spoon for about 30 seconds and then rinse with water. Steel absorbs odors very well. If you have fresh coffee beans, it also absorbs odors very effectively.

Season the soup too much

In case when you cook the soup, you put too much salt, do not rush to conclude that today's soup is considered "bankrupt" but fix it immediately by dropping a piece of potato in the pot to let it absorb the excess salt.

Boiled or cracked eggs?

Trứng luộc sẽ không bị nứt với một ít muối
Boiled eggs won't crack with a little salt

When boiling eggs, to avoid the phenomenon of cracked eggs that are both unsightly and lose their taste, add a little salt to the boiled water, ensuring you will get delicious boiled eggs.

Preserving mango, banana, pineapple

When buying fruits to use, especially fruits such as bananas, pineapples, ripe mangoes, you should not put them in storage for a long time, low temperature in the refrigerator will make these fruits ripen quickly and easily waterlogged.

Clean cast iron pan

Không nên làm sạch chảo gang với chất tẩy rửa
Do not clean cast iron pans with detergents

Cast iron pan when cooking is dirty, to clean you should not use detergent or scrub the pot if you do not want to wear the surface of the pan, instead use a clean paper towel to rub salt on the pan and then rinse it with water .

Thai chili is not spicy

If you don't use gloves to cut chili, before you cut it, apply a little cooking oil on your hands, so the skin on your hands will not absorb hot peppers anymore.

Popcorn is spongy and cooks quickly

Bỏng ngô là món ăn ưa thích của trẻ em
Popcorn is a children's favorite food

Popcorn is a baby's favorite food, so moms often cook it at home. In order for the popcorn to be cooked faster and more spongy than usual, soak the corn in water for about 10 minutes before processing.

Distinguish between fresh and non-fresh eggs

If you have a lot of eggs in your fridge and you're not sure if your eggs are fresh, place them in a pot filled with about 10cm of water. If the egg sinks, it is fresh, if it floats, it is past the fresh stage. And your job is to eat first the eggs that are no longer fresh.

Remove stains of tea, coffee

Cốc sứ hay bị ố bởi trà và cà phê
Porcelain cups are often stained by tea and coffee

Porcelain cups and cups for tea or coffee often leave unsightly stains. By using a mixture made from baking soda with lemon juice and cream of tartar you will help the stain remove easily.

Preserving leftover bread

If you buy bread and can't eat it all, put a sprig of fresh celery in the bag of bread and seal it. Celery can restore flavor and texture to bread, helping to prevent the cake from becoming dry and uncomfortable.

Are they simple and easy to do? Please apply immediately if you have problems. And if you know more kitchen hacks, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments section below.