10 tips to help the kitchen not become a battlefield after cooking

After a delicious family meal, you suddenly panic when you discover that your beloved kitchen is like a miniature battlefield and boredly start cleaning. How to keep the kitchen clean and tidy even after cooking? Please refer to some tips that DienmayXANH.com will "reveal" for you right here!


Very useful mini trash can

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the garbage bowl is the key to happiness in your kitchen. Instead of going all the way to the trash can, put it all in a small trash bowl on the side of the table where you cook. This is both efficient and saves a lot of your time

Tô đựng rác tiện dụng trong nhà bếp của bạn Handy garbage bowl in your kitchen

Plastic cutting board – simple but no less important

Did you know that when you put vegetables in a pan on a thick wooden cutting board, more than half of them fall out? Plastic cutting board is the first choice in this case. You can chop the food on it and put it in the pan. Because the cutting board can be bent, it can keep the food from spilling, very convenient for the kitchen, isn't it?

Thớt nhựa có thể uốn dẻo giữ cho đồ ăn không bị rơi ra ngoài Flexible plastic cutting board keeps food from falling out

Leave the trash can outside the kitchen counter

When cooking, you have to use a lot of canned goods, don't leave them around on the kitchen shelves, but put them all in the trash that is placed outside. You just need to open the bin and throw the trash in, it's a good habit you should do to keep the kitchen space tidy.

Bỏ rác đúng chỗ giúp bếp luôn gọn gàng Putting trash in the right place helps keep the kitchen tidy

Clean up food that falls on the floor immediately

When cooking, food falls on the floor is normal, but if you pick it up and put it in the trash right away, you will save a lot of time cleaning up later.

Dọn sạch đồ ăn rớt trên sàn ngay khi đang nấu Clean up food that falls on the floor while cooking

Put the measuring spoon set in the cup

How often do you place a measuring cup or spoon in front of you when baking or cooking? And if you use a spoon, you will definitely use them again and again. Put it in a cup so you don't forget it, you won't have to work hard to find it.

Bỏ muỗng đo lường gọn gàng vào trong cốc Put the measuring spoon neatly into the cup

Prepare before cooking

If you keep the kitchen tidy before you cook, you won't spend a lot of time cleaning up later. Let's start cooking when the dishes, , …have been cleaned, otherwise you will have to work many times harder to clean up the "battlefield" afterwards!

Rửa chén bát sạch sẽ trước khi nấu sẽ giúp nhà bếp không bị quá tải Washing dishes clean before cooking will help the kitchen not be overloaded

Use a griddle when frying

If you don't want the grease to splash out while cooking, use a griddle to cover the pan. It will save you a lot of time cleaning up oil spills.

Dùng vỉ lưới ngăn dầu ăn bắn ra ngoài Use a grid to prevent cooking oil from splashing out

Clean the basin or dishwasher with a non-stick spray

A very cool trick that you should know, that is: Spray a little non-stick spray on the grease stains on the bowl or dishwasher, it will help you clean everything effectively without spending much time. time.

Xịt dung dịch chống dính lên những bề mặt có dầu bám Spray non-stick solution on oily surfaces

Always have soapy water

It will be more convenient if you have a cup of hot soapy water ready. Soap bubbles will wash away all stains on cooking utensils, plaque on walls, stains on gas stoves…

Bọt xà bông tẩy rửa mọi vết bẩn Soap foam cleans all stains

Slow and slow is the most basic thing for success

Cooking is an art, so take it slow! That not only helps you to avoid unwanted clutter in the kitchen, but also helps you relax after a hard working day and sometimes, you will experience many interesting things when preparing a cozy meal. for my family!

Nấu chậm lại để tìm niềm vui trong cuộc sống Slow down to find joy in life

Here are a few tips to help keep your kitchen neat and clean after every cooking session. What other tips do you have, please share with DienmayXANH.com and housewives!