10 tips to make cooking easier

How to cut cherry tomatoes quickly? How to peel garlic in 10 seconds? Did you know that flossing, in addition to oral hygiene, is also an effective assistant of housewives? Use the 10 tips below to help you save a lot of time while still ensuring a delicious meal for your beloved family.


Slice cherry tomatoes in seconds!

Kẹp cà chua bi bằng hai cái dĩa rồi cắt ngang
Clamp cherry tomatoes with two forks and cut across

Cherry tomatoes are small and difficult to hold, and it is troublesome to chop them! If you need to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes, grip them with two forks, and then use a knife to cut across the space between the forks. That way you have cut a dozen cherry tomatoes in half without worrying about cutting your hand. Great isn't it!

Boil eggs without water

Khuôn bánh bông lan có những công dụng bất ngờ

The sponge cake mold has unexpected uses

Kinda easy! Put the eggs in the cake mold and put in the oven at 124 o C for 30 minutes. So you've got delicious boiled eggs that are both convenient and fast. But remember not to leave the eggs in the oven for too long! Just set the baking time for half an hour and you can take advantage of the cleaning and other cooking tasks.

Cut soft foods with ease

Chỉ nha khoa không chỉ dùng để vệ sinh răng miệng

Flossing isn't just for oral hygiene

Cutting cheese, muffins, or butter, sometimes makes you extremely uncomfortable. Wouldn't it be frustrating if you had just finished baking a beautiful batch of cake and then ruined it when you tried to cut a piece? Dental floss can be your savior. This is the solution that helps to cut food accurately and easily. Align the length to be cut, hold the thread firmly with your thumb and index finger, and then pull. It's done!

Solution when out of cupcake liners

Dùng giấy nến thay thế giấy lót bánh cupcake

Use stencils instead of cupcake liners

If you are addicted to baking, you should have a roll of stencils in your kitchen. If you run out of cupcake liners, use a muffin pan, a cup, and parchment paper instead. Cut the paper into squares and put it in the cake tray and use the cup to hold the paper. Remember to grease the mold to prevent sticking!

Washing dishes is easy

Chỉ một ít dầu thực vật giúp việc rửa chén sẽ nhẹ nhàng hơn

Just a little vegetable oil makes washing dishes easier

If you cook dishes with easy-to-stick foods such as flour, honey, syrup, chocolate, cake flour, etc., cleaning is definitely difficult and time-consuming. You can avoid this problem just by putting a layer of vegetable oil on the dishes, so cleaning is a lot simpler.

Keep vegetables fresh for many days

Giấy hút hết chất ẩm giúp rau tươi xanh lâu hơn
Paper absorbs moisture to keep vegetables fresh longer

If you have washed vegetables, they should be eaten as soon as possible because after only two days the vegetables will go bad. To keep vegetables longer, put a napkin or greaseproof paper in the vegetable drawer before putting it in . The paper will absorb the excess liquid, which is the main cause of vegetables spoiling quickly. Here's a trick to save money and avoid throwing away food.

Freeze meat before slicing or chopping

Làm đông lạnh thịt nửa tiếng trước khi chế biến
Freeze meat half an hour before cooking

The following tips will help you "process" any type of meat quickly. Place the meat in the freezer for half an hour before cooking. A sharp knife will cut frozen meat without giving you any trouble. Don't leave meat in the freezer for more than half an hour, or it will freeze and you will spend a lot of time waiting for it to defrost.

Peel garlic in just 10 seconds

Bóc vỏ tỏi thật dễ dàng trong chưa đến 10 giây
Peeling garlic is easy in less than 10 seconds

Peeling garlic is a rather troublesome processing stage because it takes a long time, while also clinging to a very unpleasant smell and skin of the hands. The following garlic peeling method will help you get the job done in just 10 seconds. All you need is a knife, a fork and a food container with a lid. Use a knife to cut the two ends of the garlic, use a fork to press firmly or rotate to peel the garlic bulbs into cloves. Put everything in a food container, close the lid and shake vigorously. When you open the lid, you have immediately peeled garlic cloves.

Make the most of orange and lemon juice

Cho cam chanh vào lò vi sóng để vắt nước dễ hơn

Put the lemons in the microwave to make squeezing the juice easier

A cup of orange juice is a rich source of vitamin C. If you want to squeeze lemons quickly and run out of juice, put them in in 30 seconds. This will help soften the oranges and lemons and make it easier to squeeze out the juice.

Avoid Pomegranate Stains

Tách hạt lựu trong nước để khỏi bẩn tay
Separate pomegranate seeds in water to avoid dirty hands

Pomegranate is a fruit that is both delicious and nutritious, but they often leave stains that are difficult to remove on clothes. Don't worry, the following tips will help you separate the pomegranate meat neatly. Cut the two ends of the pomegranate and then cut it along the stem to separate the pomegranate into pieces and put them in a bowl of water. Then you can freely split pomegranate seeds without worrying about getting dirty because the juice has been mixed with water.

Hope these 10 small tips have somewhat made your kitchen work easier. If you have other useful tips, feel free to share them in the comments!