5 common cooking mistakes and how to fix them

In the process of cooking, you often make mistakes that you don't know, which will become a habit in the long run. So, to know if you've done it right, please refer to the 5 common mistakes made below to ensure food hygiene and avoid causing illness in the family.


Clean the pan with soap and water


After preparing the dish, your pan must have a lot of grease and food stains. Usually you will wash the pan by pouring soap over it, scrubbing it with a sponge, then rinsing it with hot water and using a paper towel to dry it. You might think that if you scrub lightly, it won't affect the pan, but in fact, when the soapy water comes into contact with the hot pan, it will begin to gradually destroy the protective and non-stick coating on the surface of the pan. This layer not only helps the pan prevent rust, but also helps your food interact with the pan better. It can be said that this cleaning habit is causing you to ruin your non-stick pan.


Instead of using soap and water to clean the pan, you should do the following. After cooking is done, you should pour some oil on the pan, then pour some salt over it and simply rub the salt around the pan with a rag, rinse with water and dry with a paper towel. The salt will pick up the dirt, and your pan will also get clean.

Vệ sinh chảo bằng xà phòng không hẳn đã tốt Cleaning the pan with soap is not necessarily a good thing

Defrost meat at room temperature


Sometimes when you have something to go out, you hurry to get a piece of frozen meat Leave on the table to defrost, then when you return home you will process. Doing this inadvertently affects the safety of your food.

Remember, the favorable temperature for bacteria to grow is between 5 – 60 o C and the room temperature is in the range of 20 – 30 o C. If you leave the meat in the room for a few hours, they will defrost, but that's fine. is the time it takes for the bacteria to become active.

But sometimes you think, this is just a temporary period of bacteria growth, when I cook at high temperature the bacteria will die. But in fact, even if you process it, you still only kill a few harmful bacteria such as Ecoli and Salmonella.


There is a very quick and efficient way to defrost. That is, use a cup of cold water to pour over the meat or let the piece of meat soak in a bowl of cold water. If you want to soak for a long time, change the water every half an hour to make sure the water temperature in the bowl is not equal to room temperature. This way, the meat has been defrosted quickly and you can prepare it right away.

Thịt không nên rã đông ở nhiệt độ phòng Meat should not be defrosted at room temperature

Cooking too much food in the pan


Sometimes in a hurry or lazy, you often put a lot of food in the same oil pan, making the processing space in the pan very cramped. This contributes to the dish as it does not cook evenly. The food that is finished processing, the pieces are raw, they will burn, and if they are not delicious, they will harm you


You should separate the food, process a little food at a time so that the food is cooked evenly, and the cooking process is faster each time.

Chế biến quá nhiều thức ăn cùng lúc làm thức ăn không ngon Cooking too much food at once makes the food tasteless

Processing at wrong temperature


Cooking at the wrong temperature can result in food not fully cooked. Sometimes you think that turning on a high flame to cook food quickly, but in fact, the outside is cooked quickly, but the inside is still not fully cooked. If you cook food at a low temperature, the food will take a long time to cook and the nutrients and flavor in the food will also be gradually lost.


To control the temperature more precisely, instead of using , you should choose to use , nice . These are devices that can easily adjust the temperature according to their requirements. Before preparing unfamiliar food, consult the recipe's temperature rating and cook it as it should.

Chế biến sai nhiệt độ khiến thức ăn không chín đều Cooking at the wrong temperature causes food to not cook evenly

Put cooking oil in a pan that is not hot enough


People who are inexperienced or hasty often rush to pour oil into the pan when they just turn on the stove. Cooking food when the oil in the pan is not hot enough will lead to the food sticking to the pan or the fish meat not having a nice edge when frying.


There is a small trick to help you fix this error. When you feel the pan is hot enough, step back and count from 1 to 100 and then add the oil. This is the advice of Tim Cebula – a famous culinary expert in the world.

Nên cho dầu khi chảo đủ nóng để thức ăn chế biến được ngon You should add oil when the pan is hot enough for the food to be delicious

During the cooking process, you will encounter a lot of mistakes. These errors will make the dishes you cook lose their taste or lack nutrients. Please share with everyone to know together to fix.