5 great tips with pots and pans guaranteed to surprise you

The pots are not only used for cooking, but also have many other uses. Follow along with 5 great tips with pots and pans guaranteed to surprise you.


The pots next to serving for cooking, cooking water, you can also use it for different purposes to save your daily time. If you still do not know their other uses, then follow the article below to pocket 5 good tips with pots and pans.

first Use the pot to peel the garlic

It usually takes a long time for the crust to stick and when peeling off the nails will be covered with garlic smell. So many housewives often put garlic in and cover it, shake it vigorously until the outer shell is peeled off . Try this now to save time.

Dùng nồi bóc vỏ tỏi Use a pot to peel garlic

2 Use a pot to peel boiled eggs

After boiling, it is still hot, to save time you can peel eggs with a pot with very simple steps below:

Step 1 You drain all the boiling water to boil the eggs, then add cold water to replace about 3 times of water to make the eggs less hot

Step 2 Then, you put cold water into the eggs, cover with a lid and shake to crack the eggshells.

Step 3 You can use your hands to peel off the shell without worrying about hot hands anymore.

Lột vỏ trứng gà bằng nồi Peel chicken eggs with pot

3 Use the pot as an iron

In cases of folding but no iron is available but your shirt is wrinkled.

Step 1 The first thing you need to do is go to the kitchen and choose a pot with a clean and flat bottom.

Step 2 Put some water in a pot and heat it up .

Step 3 You can use the bottom of the ironing pot like using an iron.

Dùng nồi ủi áo Use an ironing pot

4 Use a pot to break ice cubes

If you can't find a pestle, but you're in a hurry, you can use a sturdy pot to break the stone , which is also a quick way to handle it.

What you need to do is put ice cubes in a plastic bag, then put the ice bag on a flat surface, use a pot to crush the ice.

Đập đá viên bằng nồi Crush ice cubes with a pot

5 Use the pot handle to hold the spoon when cooking

When cooking, the or is an indispensable item when you cook. When you stop for a few minutes to come out, you can stick the spoon in the round hole in the handle of the pot. With this method, you will not forget your location and save time.

In addition, the cooktop is also not dirty.

Vắt thìa lên quai nồi Squeeze the spoon on the pot handle

Above is an article sharing about 5 good tips with pots and pans guaranteed to surprise you, which Bach Khoa GREEN wants to send to you. Hope this information is useful to you.

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